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Glass Insulating Energy Saving Films

Glass Insulating Energy Saving Window Films

What does Klingshield’s solar control window film do?

Klingshield’s solar control window film reflects heat and is bonded to the interior of glass surfaces to filter out almost all of the sun’s infra red heat rays. By reflecting these rays on the outside a room becomes more comfortable as a stabilising effect takes place and airconditioning costs can be substantially reduced which is a significant saving when it comes to energy needs.
Reflect the heat with Klingshield’s sun control window film. It will also diminish warm air loss in winter, by reflecting the warm air back into the room. Sun control window film reduces the loss of radiant heat by up to 40% and also eliminates certain hot spots near windows which are caused by uneven heat or airconditioning. It reflects dangerous ultra violet light.

Daytime and night time glare is reduced to a comfortable level. These films allow sufficient light through the glass to provide for a well lit work and living environment. Sun control window films do not affect plant growth. Sun control window films reflect 99.5% of the damaging ultra violet rays that causes fading of fabrics and furnishings, as well as reduces the risk of skin cancer. Sun control window film when applied to glass, allows complete visibility to the outside, at the same being able to offer various styles and densities in a clear, non reflective or reflective finish from the outside.

Insulating energy window films will play a more important role as the world progresses towards renewable energy technology. Utilising windows as energy collectors, the window film technology will be improving and changing as time goes on.

Millions of metres of window film have been sold worldwide in every country for use in offices, homes and cars. Not only is it trendy to have tinted windows, but it is also a wise investment for any property owner as it will reduce your electricity bills.

Home owners will soon be turning their homes into “solar energy homes”. Panels or thin films will be utilised on rooftops of homes as well as side walls, overhangs, etc. to absorb the free energy from the sun and turn it into power that will be an absolute necessity in the years to come. The world cannot rely on old type energy and people realise the importance of our future energy situation.

The Japanese are putting huge funds into renewable energy as it is a safer bet than nuclear power. The recent disaster in Japan with their nuclear power station has demonstrated to the world that renewable energy is the way to go.

Scientists around the world are working on all available technology regarding renewable energy and huge companies in the United States of America are investing huge sums of money into utilising roofs of factories and warehouses to energise and create power.

Governments around the world offer tax incentives for innovation, design, manufacture and distribution of new renewable energy saving products. Window film is an energy saving product and has always been, and it is comforting to note that there are so many opportune and exciting products available for the future generations.

For further information on sun control window films, as well as new solar technology, please contact us.