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Glass Signs Window Film


Klingshield, the originators of window film in South Africa are expanding their product range. A licence agreement has been signed with ISpace Group of Companies in Australia for the rights to manufacture Sign 360’s glass signs.

This product with the brilliance of glass, stands out in any area. The glass signs are mounted to walls with stainless steel fittings. Polyurethane letters are router cut into the client’s logo. Once attached to the glass, the letters will create a three dimensional effect.

These signs are very popular in industry in the Australian market originally created by iSpace Sign company for reception areas of corporate companies and this is a new concept which will put your business logo in the best possible light.

As a window film company based in Gauteng, we are offering this product as an opportunity to take advantage of your company’s image, creativity and vision by reproducing your company logo into the permanent and beautiful medium of glass.

For further information please contact Leon Levy at Klingshield in Johannesburg – telephone 011 640 5053 or contact us online.

Klingshield Window Film Signs

Klingshield Window Film sign in reception

Another klingshield window film sign


Klingshield example of a window film sign

Klingshield Window Film


Glass Signs

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