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Glass Surface Protection

Glass Surface Coating

Glass having a porous and uneven rough surface when viewed under microscopic conditions, attracts dirt and grime as well as deteriorating with water remaining on it’s surface. Water normally accumulates on glass surfaces when in storage and the alkaline solution in the water deteriorates the surface. Once the surface has been interfered with, the visibility can be affected.

Fogged glass can become a nuisance when either driving or sitting in your home or office and looking through the window. Condensation causes glass to fog and occurs when the glass surface is cold and the interior is warm. Welding spots create pitting on glass and this reduces the strength of the glass, creating a weakness at that point. Metal oxides stain glass and all this can be seen under a microscopic examination to determine the durability of the surface of glass.

Scientists in the USA have come up with a new non-stick Nano silicone coating. Klingshield’s new product, Kleen-Shield Liquid Glass Coating, improves the everyday use and visibility of glass. Bacteria, fungus, dirt, grime, oil, grease, will now stick to the liquid silicone coating which is a barrier between the surface of glass and these problematic substances. Once Kleen-Shield is applied, it penetrates into the surface of the glass and once dry, becomes the cleaning barrier.

Independent tests in America show that this coating will reduce scratches and rubbing marks from glass and hard water will no longer be able to damage the glass with alkalis stains. Surface deterioration will not appear once the glass has been treated with Kleen-Shield. With Kleen-Shield your glass will turn into an anti-fog glass and will no longer be a nuisance to drivers and will also improve the visibility of your glass. Raindrops will turn from opaque drops to transparent drops and will just run off the surface, creating better clarity and improved vision. This permanent liquid coating will also protect against stains and deterioration of your glass.

Car dealers throughout the world are making use of this after market product and applying it to windows of motor cars, interior and exterior. Office and home cleaning companies will also be taking the opportunity to reduce their efforts in keeping glass clean, by utilising this self-cleaning invisible liquid glass coating in the near future.

Liquid glass coating “easy to clean” is also being utilised on numerous military vehicles, planes, helicopters and ships with great success.