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Glass is Your Weakest Link

Safety Film for Safety Sake

Glass is your weakest link:

Klingshield safety film safety begins with your life. It is a horrifying fact that terrorist bombings are becoming more frequent worldwide, and totally without any warning. In an urban situation most injuries are caused by shards of flying glass. These travel over great distances at tremendous speeds causing terrible injuries.

Although an explosive device may not be placed in your building, a close blast will blow out windows, glass doors and display cases over a wide area. You owe it to yourself and your key personnel to install shock proof Klingshield safety film on all exposed glass surfaces.

You can’t put a figure on disfigurement!

Plastic sheeting saves hundreds from death in South Africa's biggest bomb blast.….. reprinted from the Sunday Star from the article “Miracle of Quartz Street”.

An 8 storey Diamond Exchange building housing the exclusive Diamond Club and Nedbank in Johannesburg - safety film was applied to the windows of these buildings and the Diamond Club saw possible trouble from a close proximity to a military target. Secretaries in the protected building were saved when deadly daggers of glass was held together by the Klingshield plastic film.

A  protection window laminated that provides protection against petrol bombs and missile penetration:

  • Klingshield’s 100 micron safety film shrugs off stones, bricks, fire bombs and smash and grab attacks.
  • Safety film offers safety against stone throwing. Stones will not penetrate our safety film.
  • Protection security against smash and grab attacks as penetration of the thicker films by direct attacks is extremely difficult and time consuming.
  • Perfect Vision allows business to be conducted in a normal way.

Events throughout the world have proved the vulnerability of business premises during unrest. These attacks are usually directed at shopfronts, doors, windows and invariably prove extremely costly and often disastrous.

Safety film for windows - in real life bomb explotions

During the second World War, people stuck crosses of brown papers on their windows to prevent shattering during bomb attacks. Now we use Klingshield safety film, a simple, modern method of achieving the same effect.


Safety films come in various thicknesses, self adhesive and easy to apply and once in position, almost totally transparent.

These films have been tested in real life bomb explosions in South Africa. The amount of TNT in a bomb explosion far exceeds the use in a simulated demonstration. The explosion occurred in an enclosed area where the pressure of the bomb could not escape.

At the Carlton Centre, the Information Kiosk was treated with the thinner safety film, 0.5mm – it was the only glass structure intact after the explosion. Although it cracked, it was held together by the film.

Colonel Flood, Security Executive of the Carlton Centre, explained why he found it highly effective – “Klingshield’s film has excellent adhesion. It has been tested in London and Belfast in real explosions, and now in Johannesburg”. The adhesion must bond the film and the glass together under all conditions, even explosion. This is the secret of Klingshield’s efficient film protection.

Shatterproof Your Windows