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Glass Windows Play a Major Role in our Lives

 Glass and the part is plays our Lives

One does not realise the importance of the role that glass and windows play in our lives. We wake up every morning to look out our window to see the weather conditions for the day. Our windows allow in enough light to indicate to us what time of the morning it is and whether it is time to get up and get going. We schlep from the bedroom to the bathroom where the illumination from the window allows us to look into a mirror to see what condition we are in for the start of the day. We stand in front of the glass mirror to brush our teeth and/or shave, before climbing into the shower or the bath. The glass surroundings around the bath or shower are in front of us as we clean ourselves to get ready for the day.

This glass in our bathrooms, from window panes to mirrors to shower screens, play an important role in our bathroom environment. These same glass areas need to be safe from shattering as well as a clear view to enable us to see a vision of ourselves within the mirror or glass areas.

The visual appearance of this glass area needs to be sparkling to enable us to feel clean in one’s washing and cleaning area. Once we jump out of the shower and start to dress, we once again appear in front of a glass mirror. Now spic and span and ready to move, we head down to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee or tea, and again standing next to us, is the kitchen window.

This window allows the heat to penetrate through it and making us hot and bothered in our kitchen and also creating a glare when the sun shines off our coffee machine. All these problems need to be catered for to enable us to live in an amenable living environment.

After having breakfast, we jump into our car and once again, are surrounded by approximately ten windows in our car. As we drive we need to get into a comfort zone knowing that our windows are shatterproof should we be involved in an accident or a smash and grab at the first robot. The visual qualities of our car windows are also important as dirty windows restricts one’s vision which creates an unsafe driving experience. The front windscreen allows the heat to pour in requiring the use of our airconditioner to keep us cool. With Klingshield’s front windscreen protection film applied to the windscreen, one can reduce the infra red heat by 91%. All Klingshield’s window film on other windows stops 99.5% of the ultra violet light from entering the car, creating a safer driving experience. The ultra violet light can cause damage to one’s eyes as well as to one’s skin. The application of Klingshield’s window film to car windows is recommended by Physicians and Specialists for the reduction in UV and also reducing the risk of skin cancer.

When we finally arrive at our office, we walk through the front glass doors of our reception areas and see the beautiful glass with the Company’s name behind the Receptionist. Once again, glass is playing a major role around us at all times. Humans do not realise that they are surrounded day or night, sun or shine, with glass in all environments. When we arrive in our office we put our brief case down and look at the weather conditions out the window. The most talked about conversation in the office is the weather for the day and one requires windows to enable us to envisage the temperature we will be experiencing on that particular day.

Concentrating and working hard always looking through windows, while focusing, is the norm for all humans in all walks of society in all countries throughout the world.

As mentioned, windows play a very important role in human lives and glass is an amazing product which shelters us and offers us vision to the outside world. However, this very same glass has numerous disadvantages and can cause havoc in our lives, as broken or smashed glass has high risks and causes tremendous damage to humans as well as to the environment. We have all experienced the pain of being cut by glass and we all know that all glass areas should be protected as the consequences of broken glass can cause injury or death.

Another disadvantage of glass is the importance of keeping it clean and sparkling to enable us to have a clear vision whether we are in our home, car or office. Dirty windows cut our vision and can create huge disadvantages to the safety of our passengers and ourselves when driving. Klingshield’s liquid glass coating, Kleen-Shield, keeps glass cleaner for longer and plays an important role in the visibility of glass in our environment today.


This video is courtesy of Corning Incorporated

The sun coming through glass windows also creates huge problems as it heats up spaces creating uncomfortable and unbearable conditions. Klingshield’s sun control window film is an absolute necessity in certain areas when it comes to reducing the solar radiation and visible glare from the sun. With computers and TV monitors now playing a major role in our lives, one has to ensure that glare is reduced on screens as this causes problems with eye strain, headaches and fatigue.
As you can see from the above, glass needs to be protected in all situations and Klingshield’s window protection is a “now” product and a “no brainer” for all consumers who realise the hazards of glass around us in our world.
Klingshield turns ordinary glass into high performance solar and safety glass
Kleen-Shield turns ordinary glass into self-cleaning low maintenance glass
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