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Good Looking Cars

Good Looking and Well Dressed Cars

After-market car designers are a thing of the future as consumers like to personalise their cars and be different and stand out from the crowd. Young men utilise their cars as “bird catchers” and many women will take a second look at a male who drives a fancy car. Some people even judge others by the vehicle they drive and the appearance thereof. The after-market products and accessories are available for both interior and exterior of their cars.

Some people even like to name their cars and others even talk to their cars! Now they can dress them up in various ways. This new trend will accelerate with people who have a passion for a smart car. In this modern world, classic styling and fitting of modifications to your vehicle is becoming more and more popular.

Some of the accessories applicable to the exterior of cars are the following :

Spoilers and Body Kits are more popular with the youth as these create individuality and a “sporty” look which will be noticed.

Stone-Shield paint protection to protect the headlights as well as the bumpers is the latest trend for car lovers. Snakeskin vinyl films are now being applied to various body parts of the car to give that two-tone look like a pair of two-tone snakeskin Jarman shoes. Black vinyl film is normally applied to the bonnet and roof areas to create an unusual look. Modern cars such as Smart cars and Minis are now coming out standard from the factory with white paintwork and a black roof.

Striping in certain areas is in vogue with the introduction of a carbon fibre look in different colours was the most interesting after product shown off at the Las Vegas motor show.


car wraps


Coloured translucent polyurethane films are also available for headlights to create a tinted look headlight. Funky kids are also installing eyelashes which are handcut to the bonnet of the car. All this new trendy graphic design on cars will become more prominent as time moves on.

Personalised number plates are also very popular worldwide, with driver’s names or names of favourite icons.

Interior accessories include Fabric-Shield, which is a liquid protective coating applied to the upholstery and carpets of the car to keep them looking fresh and clean and repel dirt and bacteria.

Kleen-Shield liquid window protection is also becoming very popular on all windows, interior and exterior, as this improves the visibility when driving through a storm, by 50% and it also reduces the cleaning and maintenance of car windows by 70% keeping the car looking sparkling at all times.

Fancy gear knobs, aluminium pedal sets and seat covers are also available as interior accessories.

All these products enhance the driveability of your car and can improve the look of your car to be noticed by everybody.

What are you waiting for – dress up your car and feel the change from the dull and boring automobiles that are hardly noticed in the traffic.

Last but not least, car wraps are utilised by companies to market their products and brands. This installation deals with the entire structure of the car and is a complex process when it comes to application. Professional car wrap specialists are available as this trade is a form of art.

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