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Windows Graphic Signage

Graphic Signage on Windows


Window film/window tinting is an extremely good product, offering numerous functions from shading to shatterproofing of glass. The window film industry has grown up over the last forty years and some very good quality window films are manufactured to specification by various manufacturers throughout the world.

These products offer excellent long term solutions to numerous glass or window related problems. Glass being an amazing product, which was originally invented over a century ago, is used extensively in all buildings, offices, homes and cars.

It has been a privilege and pleasure to be associated and work with glass every day of my life. I have been fortunate enough to have been involved in the window film business since the early 70’s and have experienced tremendous development over the years.

Klingshield, being the first company to handcut window graphics out of non-reflective, reflective and opaque window films, has created huge signage on windows to draw attention for shop owners. Klingshield patented this graphic signage concept worldwide and applied hundreds of graphics in California in the 80’s. Stores with good locations and large windows utilised this concept to brand their companies and stand in front of their competitors.

A Porsche motor car graphic was created by Klingshield at a dealership in California. The size of the Porsche graphic was four times larger than the actual size of the car. This huge Porsche graphic became a landmark. The beauty of this window graphic was that from the inside, one could see through the Porsche graphic, introducing the advent of see through graphics. From the outside, this beautiful graphic appeared in non-reflective and reflective finishes. This was the start of a huge window graphic market that is prominent in the world today.

Dot Matrix see through window graphics are utilised on store front windows as the 30% visibility still allows light in. However the graphic scenes are visible from the outside. The problem with this type of material is that it is made to go on the outside only and has limited life expectancy. Whereas Klingshield’s window graphics were installed on the inside of the window and would last indefinitely.

Should you require to know more about our window graphics you can view our gallery where you will notice graphics of women and men with flowing hair appearing on hairdressing salons that were installed by Klingshield in California.

Video store and computer store window graphics can also be viewed in our gallery or via Google’s images under Klingshield.

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