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Green Culture-Energy and the environment

Green Culture-Energy and the environment

Green Culture - energy & environment



Johannesburg South Africa April 2011
Green Culture Klingshield News

President Obama and other world leaders are all working on ways to counteract climate change and global warming, as well as the use of alternative energy. Billions of dollars have been allocated on new technology to reduce the world’s dependency on oil. Energy incentives are being created all over the world, offering consumers tax benefits for the saving of energy.

Also capturing carbon emission and storing it as renewable energy, will enable this smart technology to save energy and improve aesthetics in buildings, and also enhance the human conditions by increasing comfort and productivity ,and looking after the wellbeing of people.

World leaders are passionate about making the world a better place, using clean technology and smart energy products to increase energy efficiency in a wide range of areas. Dynamic changes are taking place to control the sunlight as well as absorb it and store it to reduce carbon footprint.

Thinking green has a two sided sword. Solar energy is not free as everybody thinks. In fact, it can be very expensive for some. Sun rays entering through windows create certain disadvantages with this free energy that pours in. In fact, the sun adds to your electricity and heating bills, as in summer ordinary glass cannot deflect solar heat and your home, office and car. It quickly heats up. Airconditioning units work overtime to cope and now with the increases in electricity bills, your account will be soaring to new heights.

In the winter solar glare is distracting and productivity deteriorates. Heating bills increase on overcast days as ordinary glass lets out all the warmth that has been generated within spaces during the day. After a cold night, one has to start heating cold areas in the morning to reach comfortable temperatures.

The sun power damages carpets, curtains and furnishings as the sun’s ultra violet rays quickly bleaches colours of fabrics. Faded curtains, carpets and furniture start looking shabby and are expensive to replace. This happens due to the free energy that pours in through the windows that is not so free, but costly.

Klingshield’s solar film will save you money as the solar controlled film is a polyester film that transforms ordinary glass into a cost saving heat reflective glass at a fraction of the price of factory tinted windows.

Klingshield’s solar film reduces heat flow by as much as 91%, filters out 99.5% of the ultra violet radiation and acts as an excellent insulator on cold winter nights.

Solar controlled film will save you money on energy costs during summer and winter and prevent fading of your beautiful carpets, curtains and furnishings. It also cuts out glare and prevents glass splintering in the event of an accident, reducing the likelihood of severe injuries. Unlike other window film installers, Klingshield films come with a written guarantee and are also available in a range of densities and colours, reflective and non-reflective.

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