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Green Star Rating Tool

“Green Star” – Public Building Rating Tool

Public buildings will be rated in the near future as well as community halls, educational facilities, private buildings, police stations, schools, universities, to name but a few.
The South African Government is showing leadership in the “green technology” building field and in a conference due to be held in October 2011 a tool will be launched to rate buildings on “green” initiatives.

“Green Star” South Africa will be based on an Australian recognised rating system. A “green” building is one that is regarded as one which significantly reduces energy and water usage. This reduction impacts on certain factors which include carbon footprint.

The idea is to rate buildings and register them with the GBCSA (Green Building Council of South Africa). This establishment is part of the South African Government’s reform and improvement of the construction centre which will be identified as “Green Star South Africa”. Best practices will be followed in designs of office and other types of buildings.

Green Star South Africa is a voluntary green building rating system, which developers may apply to have their projects assessed and certified by the GBCSA. Green Star will be gaining much momentum in the future.

Klingshield’s sun control energy efficient window films play a major role worldwide when it comes to “green” technology. Our range of sun control window films reduces the sunlight from penetrating into buildings. With less sunlight penetration less airconditioning is required to cool or heat spaces. Klingshield’s sun control window film stops up to 91% of the heat from passing through the glass, as well as reducing glare by 95% and ultra violet light by 99%.

New transition window films will play a very important role in the future of “green” technology. These films once applied to glass, will darken with sunlight rays, giving windows the ideal user friendly technology. When the sun goes down the windows go clear, allowing in maximum light and heat. When the sun is shining at its brightest, the window will turn into a reflective surface keeping all the heat out making for a pleasant working and living environment.

Window films have been utilised worldwide for saving of energy. New winter films are now available, which keep in 80% of the heat in winter. These films are very popular in Europe, where heat retention is a big factor with “going green”.

Window films also reduce the ultra violet light by 99%, saving on furnishings and interior décor.
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