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Rainfall Causes Accidents

Heavy Rainfall Causes Incidents

Driving in the wet takes care and concentration. By having Kleen-Shield applied to your windows the windows becomes rain repellent, creating a 50% improvement in visibility. Kleen-Shield turns ordinary glass into self-cleaning glass through the action of water which rolls off the glass shedding the water and carrying away the dirt on motor car windows.

With more and more cars on the roads every day and creating more congestion, clear vision plays an important role in reducing the amount of accidents taking place. This technology comes out of the aviation industry where rain repellent liquid is available to pilots when flying through low visibility due to various circumstances. The self-cleaning liquid is sprayed on the windscreen of the plane to improve visibility and plays an important role in the aviation industry today.

Klingshield is proud to be the first company on the market to supply and fit Kleen-Shield Liquid Glass Coating to vehicle windows, inside and out. This new generation product is proving to be very successful and drivers who have experienced the pleasure of driving with Kleen-Shield on their car windows and are raving about the performance of this new product.In homes and offices Kleen-Shield can be applied to windows to reduce the cleaning and maintenance of glass. Heavy rainfall acts as a washing aid and keeps your glass looking sparkling at all times. Cleaning windows, especially exterior is a tedious job that is certainly not a favourite with consumers.


Kleen-Shield liquid coating has only at this time been promoted by Klingshield for cars windows. However, we have no doubt that in the future Kleen-Shield will be used on all buildings and homes to reduce the maintenance thereof.  Window cleaning companies will obviously be against this product as it reduces their activity when it comes to cleaning, which makes up a large part of their turnover. However, smart business men in the window cleaning business will soon realise the advantages of applying this product within their service to reduce their labour costs and offer their customers sparkling windows with improved visibility.

With all the advantages of Kleen-Shield, a reduction in accidents will be one of the many positive results to be achieved.

For further information on Kleen-Shield and its application techniques, please contact us.


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