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Here Comes the Sun

Powerful Sun

Strong sunlight invades our offices, homes and cars, ruining the interiors and also creating harm to you, your family and your staff. When you apply Klingshield’s sun control window films to your windows, you will benefit from superior protection.

Klingshield’s premier window film consists of nine layers and offers maximum protection from all elements of the sun. It almost totally blocks out the harmful ultra violet rays which fades interiors.

Klingshield’s sun control window film repels almost four times as much heat as clear glass and keeps rooms cool and comfortable during hot summer months by stabilising the interior temperatures.
Solar control window films can cut glare by as much as 92% reducing reflections on monitors and TV screens. Also reduces headaches, eye strain and driver heat fatigue.

Cars with Klingshield solar control window film will improve airconditioning efficiency and maintenance thereof. Reflective and semi reflective window film increases privacy while giving glass a classic stylish finish.

Klingshield’s window film has longevity and will keep your glass looking good for longer periods of time.

Klingshield’s solar safety films provide an invisible barrier against unwanted intrusion and is three times thicker than regular film. It has greater impact absorption properties and will hold shattered glass together in an accident.

Solar safety window film will increase resistance to penetration and tearing, reducing the risk of vehicle smash and grab.
Films are available in clear, tinted, semi reflective or reflective finishes.

Commercial and residential window films play an important role in controlling energy, enhancing your safety and decorating your life.

Decorative films enhance the look of your home and office, are cost effective in office partition privacy , create corporate identities, or just used as a decorative feature.
A huge range of opaque, frosted and digitally coloured printed films are available for a custom look, either for interior or exterior use.

Low reflective films are available for interior and exterior installations. These films have low reflection at night time and provide clear night time view as well as daytime privacy. They also offer maximum protection from heat, glare and damaging UV rays.

For further information on sun control window films please contact us.