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Highest Performing “Solar Energy” Window Films

Highest Performing “Solar Energy” Window Films

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Highest Performing “Solar Energy” Window Films

Klingshield Technical Department
Johannesburg South Africa July 2011

Total solar energy rejected is the total amount of solar energy in the full solar wavelength range at a distance of 300/2100 nanometres. This percentage is the amount rejected by the glazing system including the film falling on the windows. The values are expressed in a percent. This value is the most important definition of the solar spectrum as it relates to the overall performance of the window film product.

When one is suffering with a heat build up in offices or homes the best performing film will be the Silver 20 as it rejects 79% of the total solar energy, only allowing in 21%.
The next best films are the Gold, Bronze, Grey and Blue reflective.

Product Specification – Total Solar Energy Rejected

Silver reflective 79%
Gold reflective 78%
Bronze reflective 76%
Grey reflective 74%
Sputter Bronze 77%
Silver translucent 79%
Silver 35 reflective 68%
Blackout privacy film 72%
Sputter 20 neutral 63%
Charcoal Charcoal 5 52%
Grey 30 reflective 62%
Bronze 30 reflective 63%

The above specifications are tested in accordance with Aimcal and Ashrae standards. It must be noted that a certain amount of solar energy is allowed to transmit. Some is reflected and some is absorbed.

When applying film to laminated glass one needs to take into consideration the amount of absorption with the maximum absorption being 33% which is applicable to a Silver 20 reflective film. In other words a Silver 20 reflective film is the highest performing window film for total solar energy rejected, as well as having the lowest absorption factor out of all the reflective films.

Total solar energy reflected is the amount of the energy that is reflected by the glazing system.
Total solar energy absorption is the amount of total solar energy absorbed by the glazing material.

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