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History of Klingshield

History of Klingshield Window Film

The History of Self-adhesive window films were first developed in the USA in the late 1950s. Early films reflected the solar radiation back from a window, preventing the warming of interior surfaces, while still allowing vision through the glass.

As the concept was fine-tuned, a greater demand for coloured film developed. The energy crisis Klingshield were the first company to create see-through window graphics.

Hand cut window graphics by Klingshield of the early 1970s prompted a greater interest in the reduction of heat loss through window tinting.

It was discovered that polyester film absorbed and re-radiated infrared heat. Through experimentation, new film materials and constructions were developed that enhanced this characteristic.

These films greatly improved a room’s interior heat retention. It was Klingshield who introduced the idea of safety and sun protection via the use of glass film to South Africa in the 1970s.

And it was then, over 45 years ago, that Klingshield became the first company in South Africa to revolutionise the idea of window film for car, business and home windows.

Over the years, Klingshield has successfully completed more than 1 million installations. It is no surprise then that Klingshield is now a leader and highly respected innovator in the window film industry.

Klingshield’s long-standing success can be attributed to the company quickly learning from the trial and error experiments of similar window film companies across the globe. Klingshield has mastered the art of window graphics, safety film, solar film, and window tinting for both cars and buildings.

With 40 years of hands-on experience in developing and perfecting the brand, Klingshield has managed to cultivate a unique range of self-adhesive window film with full guarantees.

The personnel are highly trained and with a wealth of product knowledge backing their years of experience ,it is easy to see how Klingshield sets the standard for product quality in the industry, on the basis of many years of diverse experience, industry understanding and technical know-how.

Klingshield products are manufactured in the USA and distributed in South Africa exclusively by Klingshield 

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History Of Klingshield