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Hospitals and Schools Go with Klingshield

Hospitals & Schools Favour  Window Film



It is always important when doing business to contact the correct person in any industry and the same applies to the health industry. Hospital administrators, building engineers, nursing administrators or purchasing agents are the personnel normally responsible for the wellbeing of hospitals.

Doctors who specialise in geriatrics (treatment of the aged) tell us that as a person grows older his eyes become much more susceptible to light and glare, and this is now a serious problem with the elderly. It is a fact of life that there are more elderly people in hospitals than there are young people. This is an area which needs to be spelled out strongly in the present to administrators of hospitals when it comes to reducing the glare from the sunlight pouring into wards.

Patients in hospitals do not like to have people walking by on the outside peering in and disrupting their recovery. At the same time, they like to have the light and the freedom of looking out. Klingshield sun control window films offers them the privacy from the outside, thereby also allowing the patient to look out but not to be stared at. Klingshield reflective sun control window film allows light in as well as visibility from the inside of the wards. It eliminates annoying glare and heat that bothers patients.

Doctors and specialists can determine a lot by the colouration of the patient. Klingshield sun control neutral films will not affect the colouration of the patient to any degree, where a tinted glass material could give a false colouration to the patient.


Stop the Sun



Vandalism in schools is a major problem worldwide today. Numerous schools that Klingshield has applied their films to have utilised window film technology to turn ordinary glass into shatterproof glass, eliminating injuries from flying glass during any violent or vandalism scene.

The application of Klingshield sun control film does not only reduce heat and glare problems, but at the same time there is a feeling that they may also reduce the cost of vandalism somewhat and here is the reason why. Building security over unattended periods is improved. When potential vandals can’t see in it eliminates temptation by not being able to see whether there is somebody on duty inside or not, thus making them more hesitant to carry out acts of vandalism.

The light diffusion of Klingshield solar control films, which is millions of particles of aluminium in the film, diffuses the light and gives a more even intensity of natural light throughout the classroom. When a student is placed near a window, with the reduction in light it is much easier on their eyes and makes concentration more effective.


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Mechanical and Airconditioning Engineers

Usually these people are more concerned with the function of a product than they are in the aesthetics. It is therefore essential to have your product range with comprehensive information data to enable them to consult on the shading co-efficiency (the overall performance of the film and glass). Also important to these professional people, is the amount of BTU’s per hour per square foot coming through glass. Comparisons of BTU coming through clear glass and glass coated with Klingshield sun control films, demonstrates the overall performance of the product when it comes to reducing the BTU’s per hour per square foot. The greater the BTU saving is the less airconditioning will be required to pump out the hot sun’s heat from any building.

These values are based on research and are believed to be accurate as the performances are tested in accordance with Government testing in the USA. All data performance charts are available on the complete range of Klingshield sun control window film from the company.


Stop the Sun


Comparative Performances

Klingshield’s product range of window films was designed for the application of window film to the inside of existing glass. It functions to reduce solar heat, glare and fade transmitting by the sun through the windows. The film is easily installed and improves the appearance, maintaining transparency and visual properties of glass. All window film makes glass shatter resistant and in some densities and circumstances it offers one way vision daytime privacy. Another added bonus is a reflective film saves on heat in winter. Up to 20% saving on radiant heat lost through glass can be achieved.


Light Density


For further information on the window film performances and other technical information please contact us.