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Solar Trends

Hot Topics – Solar Trends

Car manufacturers around the world are all striving to improve the thermal comfort inside a vehicle to create a positive atmosphere, while still allowing the panoramic view from car windows.

More and more glass is used in modern cars today and in the future consumers will experience transition in electrochrome glazing on car windows. In other words, with the switch of a button, you will be able to turn your windows into various shades depending on the amount of sunlight on a particular day. Transition window film will also become a reality, which will change to various densities, depending on the severity of the sunlight. The stronger the intensity of the sunlight, the darker the window film will become. The big question is – who is going to be the first on the market with this product? Only time will tell!

Many manufacturers, including BMW and Audi , are installing larger sunroofs with photovoltaics technology built into the sunroofs which absorb the sunlight, store it and regenerate it into power to help run air-conditioning units and other electronics within the vehicle. This is all part of the development in cars called “green car technology”

All South African drivers deserve the best and Klingshield will certainly be the first company in the South African market with the new technology.

Nano Ceramic window film now available for front windscreens, which stops most of the heat coming in through the windscreen, is a smart, simple and safe choice. Consumers are realising the advantage of this technology, as it also reinforces the front windscreen as well as reduces road noise.

Sun stopper by Klingshield

Nano Ceramic technology does not interfere with on-board technology. Side windows and back windows of cars utilise solar safety technology to strengthen car windows from smash and grabbers as well as reduce the heat and glare and the reduction of CO2 emission due to the insulating qualities of the window film. These benefits reduce the use of air-conditioning which will save on fuel costs.

Governments around the world have established, in conjunction with the UN, a “green climate” fund to combat global shifts in weather patterns. National Planning Minister, Trevor Manuel, has been appointed co-chairman of the fund and joins other ministers from Mexico in an effort to raise billions of dollars over the next decade to fight climate change, as reported by the Star newspaper in Johannesburg.

Certain carbon taxes will be introduced in order to help reduce the amount of carbon footprint. The UN has identified certain areas in climate change warning signs. In the future there will be an increase in extreme weather, more powerful storms, hotter and longer dry periods, heavier increase in wetter areas creating floods, as we have already experienced over the last few years.

Tax incentives and rebates will become a thing of the future, offering incentives for the consumer to utilise renewable energy which will create a better living environment.

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