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How Clean is the Interior of your Car?

How Clean is the Interior of your Car?

How Clean is the Interior of your Car?

Fabric-Shield News from Klingshield
Johannesburg South Africa April 2011

According to an article in the Daily Mail in the United Kingdom, the inside of your car has 9 times more germs than a public toilet seat. Research has found that while 80 bacteria lurk on each square inch of a toilet, around 700 harmful bugs inhabit your car’s interior. This is due to motorists regularly dining while driving, which is also extremely dangerous.

Only a third of car owners clean the inside of their car once a year while 10% never bother to wipe down the surface or vacuum. Most bacteria causes health problems according to Dr. Ron Culter, Director of Bio Medical Science at the Queen Mary University in London.

Bacteria embeds in your car seat’s upholstery and is a health problem. People clean their homes but neglect to clean their cars. Bacillus Cereus, a bug that causes food poisoning is often present in vehicle upholstery.

Fabric-Shield is a “must-have” product for all vehicle interiors. Fabric-Shield is a liquid coating which is sprayed onto the interior fabric and carpets of cars to offer maximum protection against staining and spills such as alcohol, milk, gravy, mud, tomato sauce, etc. It offers protection against mould, mildew, fungi, bacteria and dust mites. It also offers a protective shield against blood, vomit and some animal urine.

Fabric-Shield does not change the look or feel of the fibres in the fabric. Once it has been applied you will not be able to distinguish the difference between treated and untreated fabric unless you use a tester.

Fabric-Shield should last between 3 and 6 professional cleans and can be topped up later should the need arise. Fabric-Shield does not contain any chemicals which are harmful to the environment.

Fabric-Shield does not require any special care, only normal cleaning such as regular vacuuming or professional wet extraction cleaning. Once applied Fabric-Shield liquid coating has no odour. Always blot spills with a dry cloth or tissue. Never use water or a damp cloth to remove stains once Fabric-Shield has been applied. Mop and clean any spills immediately.

Consumers don’t realise the importance of having their vehicle interiors treated to stop bacteria breeding as well as dust mites. Numerous people wear leather gloves when driving in order to avoid the above problems. Scientists say that the car boot is the filthiest area with 1000 bacteria for every one and a half square inches. Klingshield’s Fabric- Shield application for cars also includes the boot area.

For further information on this bacteria repellent please contact us.