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How Safe are your Car Windows?

How Safe are your Car Windows?

How Safe are your Car Windows?

Auto Tinting News
Johannesburg South Africa June 2011

With the increasing demand for leisure time and a luxurious lifestyle, cars have multi-purpose uses. Consumers utilise their cars as a second home and car manufacturers are ever increasing the amount of glass within the car, which has many disadvantages.

Consumers utilise their cars to work in, as well as spend leisure time driving around enjoying the scenery and keeping up to date with what is happening in their city. Using car time for family time also plays an important role in family life. Cars of tomorrow will have shorter bonnets and more compact engines, allowing for extra space for the luxury compartments.

As the roads become more congested, consumers need to find ways to protect themselves in accidents. Any car manufacturer will tell you that it builds safe cars, but ask for proof of safety claims on their windows and they are lost for words. The biggest vulnerability of most cars is through the side and back windows. With regular spates of smash and grab attacks, car windows offer the least protection of anywhere else in the car. This is why applying Klingshield to your car windows is an important step if you are concerned about your safety and the safety of your family.

Shatterproofing car windows with sun control properties also helps to reduce the temperature inside the car as an added bonus.
It is all very well to go to great lengths and incur great expense to safeguard your home and business. One assumes that this is enough, but in reality, allowing your family members and staff to be subjected to various injuries from flying glass, smash and grab attacks or stone throwing, which is a daily occurrence in South Africa, it is not a wise move.

Driving around in our dangerous environment, numerous car owners have had their lives saved and avoided injury, thanks to Klingshield’s smash and grab safety film.

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