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Role of Window Film in the Modern World

The Important Part Window Film Plays in our Modern World

I spent the last month travelling overseas and found that I had a lot of time to read and observe what is happening around the world and to take note of all the main issues highlighted by the media.

Sitting in Coffee Shops drinking cappuccino and reading the papers, I realised how important window film is and how it’s reference to energy conservation and safety can play a major role in making the world a better and safer place to live.

Over the last month so many historic happenings have taken place and I decided to write this piece for our “Articles” page on our website.

In the middle of July, Anders Berwick, a wealthy organic farmer in Norway and Right Wing extremist, lost his mind and went mad by setting off a huge car bomb packed with fertilizer.

Stop Glare

The blast ripped a 17 storey Government building apart, destroying and blowing out all the windows in the buildings, injuring numerous people. The area looked like a war zone and people who survived were drenched in blood from the shattered glass and twisted metal.

“People were screaming and running” said Nick Saubie, who was about 50 metres from the explosion. The pressure was like a huge wave which knocked me off my chair. The madman then went to an island nearby and killed scores of innocent people.

Once again, this horrific incident highlights the importance of safety, as had the building windows been fitted with blast resistant safety film, the glass would have been held together by the film, thereby reducing the amount of people injured from flying glass. Safety window film has proved itself in numerous explosions throughout the world.

A few days later a man created a bomb scare in Mosman, Sydney and a complete area was cordoned off, creating panic in one of the safest cities in the world.

My point is that a bomb can go off at any time at any place, without warning. Whether it is a terrorist explosion or an industrial explosion, the results are always the same, flying glass killing and injuring people and doing tremendous damage to property.

Stop the Sun

Property owners need to take note of the precautions they can take to reduce the effects of flying glass in situations like these. It came to my attention a few days later that the Australian Government started to have safety film installed on some of their building windows. All Governments around the world should set examples to private property owners to invest in safeguarding their buildings, as they owe it to their citizens.

Days later the world headlines reported the worst riots in history, scattered around the streets of England. Windows were smashed, goods looted, buildings torched. This was a complete nightmare for the British people and now the victims are counting the costs. Once again this highlights that the use of thick safety film would have made it more difficult for the rioters to penetrate the shop windows and the replacement of glass will now be safety glass and window film companies in England are run off their feet, as shop owners realise the importance of applying safety film to shop fronts to reduce the risk should rioting flare up again.

Another thing I noticed in the headlines was the Carbon Taxes that are going to be introduced in many countries around the world. Governments have made a commitment to reduce carbon emission and are going to tax consumers as the world cannot allow greenhouse gas emission any longer as it is creating dangerous global warming which is threatening our planet.

Looks Good

Numerous new renewable energy products have been developed to reduce the amount of electricity and fossil fuels used by building owners. Photovoltaics thin films are going to play an important role in turning the sun’s radiation into power and will be installed on roofs, walls and windows to reach new reliable energy targets. Governments are investing huge amounts of money in subsidizing solar industries to ensure targets are reached. These new products will be utilised on windows to absorb the sunlight and turn it into energy. At the same time it will reduce the sunlight from entering through the glass which will reduce inside temperatures in summer. Air conditioning will be switched off and there will be a huge saving in electricity as the window film will retain the heat indoors and therefore reduce the cost of heating.

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