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Increase Sales in the Window Film Business

How to Increase Sales in the Commercial Window Film Business

How to increase sales in the window film business is the million dollar question asked by everybody. One needs to understand the tricks of the trade to be able to perform on this task. Klingshield being the leader in window film marketing and innovation has also asked these questions and through experience can now offer this valuable information to other window film companies.

After being in business for a number of years, seeing your sales chart stagnating, all business men dream up ways of how to increase their sales. Here is an experience we would like to share with you.

After another one of our brainstorming sessions we made a decision that the best way to market our product within our area would be to use miniature billboards. Miniature billboards were printed postcards with various innovative messages designed to create attention and get the phone to ring. The layout of the postcards were unique and stood out amongst a whole array of postage.

The beauty of postcards in a direct mail is that a consumer does not have to open an envelope to get the message as an attractive postcard will sit in front of you and relay a message without an effort.
These postcards had messages like “is your money flying out the window”, “is your next decision going to be your last” “beat the heat and stop the glare”, etc.

In designing the postcards lots of attention was given to the creative appeal of the advertising piece. Each card became a talking piece amongst business people because of the quality of its design.

Klingshield made a decision to print a million postcards with six different designs. This was a very expensive exercise and was a nervewracking experience for the proprietor to approve such an order. Once the postcards were printed they were delivered in batches of hundreds ready for distribution. The idea was to get out as many cards to the marketplace as possible at the cheapest rate. Investigation found that the South African post office offered a distribution to all the box holders within each post office throughout the country. The rates were very reasonable and a booklet was received from the Head Office of the South African Post Office showing the amount of box holders in each Post Office.

The correct number of cards were delivered to the Post Offices ensuring one card for each box holder. The cards were placed in the boxes the following day and the telephone started to ring. It was interesting to note that on hot days the response was greater than on overcast days. The idea was to check the weather forecast prior to distributing the cards.

This exercise proved to be an excellent way of marketing to companies as all companies have post office boxes in their address and overnight our message was getting through to thousands of different companies instantly. The beauty of this process was that we could vary the amount of marketing going out depending on the flow of work we had on hand.

This miniature billboard campaign turned out to be a fantastic investment as our turnover increased by 50% immediately and gave our proprietor peace of mind and the ability to be able to pay for the printing bill.

This whole experience proves that “advertising” works.