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Independent “Sun Control Window Film” test

Independent Testing of Klingshield’s Sun Control Film

Breaking into new markets with new products is always difficult. Consumers are sceptical about new innovative products and one needs to go to all lengths to try to persuade the market place of the value of a product.

This happened to us at Klingshield when we first started and numerous tests had to be carried out to enable the consumer to get the necessary confidence in our product range.

Klingshield submitted products to the South African Bureau of Standards for testing to enable us to put our products on the market and for the consumer to have the necessary confidence in our product range.

This was an expensive exercise and to date, we believe we are the only company who can offer South African Bureau of Standards testing for scratch resistance, impact and weathering

In July 1984 the Dundee Municipality decided to put our product to test once again. Mr. Claasen, the Town Clerk, requested us to apply our Silver 20 reflective film to one room in a municipal building. The method used for measuring the penetration of heat by the sun was by placing two identical Barigo Maxtra thermometers 23cm from each window, (one window applied with window film and the other window clear) with two readings taken per day for 7 days

The results were amazing! To cut a long test short, it was found that on a sunny day at midday, the temperature in the room with the Klingshield Sun Control window film was 25 deg C. The room without the window film was 41 deg C and that equates to being 64% hotter. This test clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of Klingshield’s Sun Control Window film and we are very proud to have such an amazing product offering such excellent heat rejection qualities.

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