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Inferior Products not liked by Consumers

Inferior Products do not go down well with Security Conscious Consumers

Consumers don't take kindly to discover that the product they have had fitted to their cars has been “substituted" even if only slightly, in the apparent hope that it won't be noticed.  In other words,  less product for your money. Consumers generally regard this as sneaky.

But the bottom line is that when it comes to smash and grab on cars there is a big difference when it is installed by Klingshield in comparison to some other tinters.
Previous car owners soon see the difference when it comes to the visual finish of smash and grab done by other tinters or glass companies. However certain car dealers don't care a dam as long as the installation is done at the cheapest price. The fact that some of the installations look like a dog’s breakfast and have not been done in the safest way to offer the best protection, means nothing to them. Perhaps this is why some car dealers have such a bad name. It is a “take the money and run” attitude.
Leon Levy the CEO of Klingshield says some tinters don't even understand the technicalities of the products they are installing. The fact that the adhesive holds the film and glass together and if broken means nothing to them. The fact that the more the adhesive on the film the better the safety qualities.  The fact that the more adhesive applied to the film the more difficult it is for manufactures to obtain good visual optics
Dont Drive Naked
So some manufactures apply a small amount of adhesive otherwise they get poor optics. Tinters think this is a top quality film but don't realise that to hold the glass together they need lots of adhesive on the film. The result is when the glass breaks the film does not do what it is suppose to do by holding the glass together.
That is not the only problem as some tinters cut the film to the size of the glass and don't take it to under the door panel.  You might think that this is alright.  Well if it is taken down to the edge and under the door panel it reinforces the glass and will do a much better job of holding the window in place when it is struck with a weapon.
Some films have more UV barriers in their makeup than other films.  Again you might not think that this matters. Well it makes a big difference to the longevity of the product because the extra UV barriers save the film from deterioration as well as the upholstery in the cabin of a vehicle. Some window film manufacturers put UV barriers in the laminating adhesive and mounting adhesive in the film. Each time they put the UV barriers into the construction of the window film it cost more money.  Some window film and smash and grab manufacturers leave it out and of course some window film installers are not even aware of this. They think all window film is the same.
Stop the Sun
Well some of these sub standard films might be going onto consumers cars and they don't know it either.  I think we should all be made aware of this. The cheaper installations are more affordable but let's remember that Smash and Grab was designed to protect drivers from flying glass so let's give them what they pay for or rather don't bother having smash & grab window film applied to your car windows!
You are paying less and getting less. The saying goes “Goedkoop is Duurkoop” and it won't be long and something serious will take place and these smart ass dealers will realise that when it comes to the safety of humans lives one cannot cut corners.
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