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Insurance in the Window Film Business

Insurance in the Window Film Business

In today’s modern world, companies cannot afford to be without insurance as the risks are far too high. Certain companies take chances and operate without the correct insurance. One bad accident can result in the closure of a company who does not have adequate cover.

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Most window film companies do not have adequate insurance as insurance today is very expensive and not affordable to many companies. Klingshield has maximum insurance to cover all areas of risk as we cannot afford to operate in our market without the correct insurance cover.

The first insurance cover that Klingshield has is on Public Liability. R5m worth of insurance cover is available should an accident occur on site. Injury to humans and property is covered under this policy.

Motor vehicle insurance is also covered under Klingshield’s policy should any of their company vehicles collide with third party vehicles. Our cover is for motor insurance as well as injuries to personnel.

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Klingshield also has cover to protect customer’s cars when in transit and hijackings. This is imperative as in South Africa, hijacking is a daily occurrence and accidents are frequent due to the lackadaisical law control. Most countries worldwide have a point system and should a driver be out of line on a few occasions, they will be restricted from driving a vehicle. However, in South Africa this law is not applicable at the present time and drivers take chances as they know that their licences will not be confiscated. Some taxi operators are a danger on the road, which gives us even more reason to have adequate cover.

Workmens Compensation Insurance is a legal requirement to safeguard workers who get injured on site whilst participating in their daily routine. This can easily happen as window film installers work with sharp blades which are lethal and often create hand injuries.

Fire insurance is also required should a vehicle stay overnight at a window tinting company’s premises. A fire could start at any time and should a customer’s car be destroyed one needs to have cover. Insurance covering company vehicles staying on premises overnight is very costly, but is essential.

As pointed out above, the risks are very high and should you deal with a company who does not have cover, you are at a very high risk and stand to lose a lot of money in the event of accident, injury, fire or theft occurring.

Large smart companies only deal with suppliers who have the necessary insurance cover in all areas in place.

Should you require to see our insurance cover before installation of our products please contact us