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Winter Sun

Johannesburg Winter Sun

It is a known fact that the winter glare is a lot more fierce than the summer glare and it is imperative not to allow the sun to fade your lounge furniture with the cost of furniture being what it is today.

During the winter and summer months ordinary glass windows allow ultra violet rays in that quickly damage your curtains, carpets and furniture. You can almost see your valuable furnishings fading in front of your eyes. The colour and life is bleached out long before the furniture is tired and worn.

All Klingshield’s sun control window films prevent fading. These sun control window films are applied professionally by Klingshield’s in-house installation teams, to the inside of your windows, screening out the sun’s damaging ultra violet rays, virtually eliminating fading.


Glare Resistant
Window Film Eclipse

Klingshield’s reflective solar film saves you money on energy costs by reducing the amount of airconditioning used in a typical home or office.

Klingshield’s reflective film cuts heat flow by up to 90%. Sunlit windows and super heat rooms work your airconditioning overtime and make you pay sky high electricity bills.

Klingshield’s reflective solar control window film also cuts costs. At night ordinary glass will lose more heat than it gained during the day. With
solar control reflective films on the windows, less heat is lost overnight and you will use less electricity to reheat your home or office.

Reducing glare in winter by applying Klingshield’s almost invisible film from the inside, will also reduce glare without disturbing your view. In the event of an accident, all Klingshield’s films hold broken glass in place and reduce splintering.

Klingshield’s range of film comes with a written Klingshield guarantee and not an overseas manufacturer’s guarantee issued by our competitors, which in most cases is worthless. Certain overseas manufacturers renege on guarantees, as they require one to fill in a special warranty card which needs to be posted within a certain time to validate warranties. This in Klingshield’s opinion, is an easy out for most overseas manufacturers, when it comes to standing by a warranty claim.

For more information on warranty claims please consult our warranty page or contact us.