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Just Luck-- by the Window Film Guru

Just Luck – by the Window Film Guru

Is a striving business due to pure luck, hard work, or both?  Does it sometimes seem that some entrepreneurs get all the breaks?  These are the words of Leon Levy, CEO of Klingshield SA cc.

As luck would have it, some business people are desperate as their sales have fallen and they are about to go down the toilet.  They had better find a new direction and soon. Sometimes one lucky phone call can change everything!

An old business associate could call you and life will take a turn. Is this luck or is it because your dealings with this associate were always energetic in a professional manner, with the highest amount of integrity and knowhow.

You obviously left the right impression and when he needed someone to help him complete his plan and his dream, he contacted you and gave you the opportunity to turn things around! Gary Player the famous golfer, always said “the harder you practice the luckier you get”.

It was now a question of getting the break you had been waiting for. Some people try their luck in business and they cry foul that they have never had any luck and they have been cursed with a black cloud over their shoulder which never lifts.

This is not true because if you make your own bed, you sleep in it!! These unfortunate people are doing something wrong. Maybe it's their negative karma that keep people at bay. Everybody has their space around them and they either invite people into their space or they keep people out.

Success is about connecting with other human beings so therefore who would want to be around you if you give off negative vibes. Nobody wants to come into your space as you might influence them and some of your negativity might rub off onto them. This is a fact of life.

So how can luck or a lucky break come your way when you set the scene for a unpleasant encounter. Either you change completely or you sit life out with the black cloud as your best friend on your shoulder.

The bottom line is that you are not taking advantage of the opportunity life hands out to each one of us. Doors open and some people walk through and tackle what is available!  If you don't try you will never know.  Have you met those people who find fault with everything they are offered? Everything has been done before and nothing is good enough.

They wait their whole life for the ideal opportunity in utopia to come, but utopia never comes and when they turn around one day it's too late and their lives have passed them by and they are unemployable and with no zest for life.People like this are normally avoided and ignored.

When people come into contact with them they have no conversation and they walk around feeling sorry for themselves. They cry the same motto  “I have never had a lucky break in life”

Well all I can say is that you need to earn luck. In any case, part of being lucky is knowing how to play the game of life. You can be much luckier if you use the law of averages.

Opportunities are around us all the time.  In fact it's how you respond that may matter most.  Don't ever throw in the towel, luck comes and goes, so wait for the opportunity and get on the band wagon of life and make it happen. “it might be your lucky day”.

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