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Kleen Shield Coating Repels Dirt and Grime

Repels dirt and grime, once clean – stays clean

Glass coating based on chemical nano -technology. Kleen-Shield coating from Klingshield  liquid forms a thin hygienic, transparent layer over any glass window or window film surface, which provides excellent water, dirt and grime roll-off, as well as providing protection, high transparency and significantly reduces maintenance costs.

Kleen –Shield has been tested under all types of climatic conditions with fantastic results. The treatment forms a clear see-through shield on your window panes or on glass coated with window film. It is designed to shrug off dirt and grime, much like water off a greasy surface

Cuts the maintenance cost of large glass areas in buildings and enhances the aesthetic look of glass in the most amazing way.
Application to bond to the surface of the glass and provide a long lasting effect, one needs to clean the glass prior to application, apply Kleen-Shield with a soft cloth and wipe on. Do not use paper or tissue. Allow to dry to a haze. Repeat the treatment. Let the product dry and buff or squeegee off until a clear vision is obtained. This is not a polish but a treatment with long lasting effect. Stir well before using.

Product Advantages

  • Significantly increases maintenance costs
  • Increases resistance to water pooling
  • Protects the quality of the glass surface
  • Has a UV protection barrier
  • It is transparent, neutral and colourless
  • Stable in varying temperatures
  • Low cleaning and maintenance

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KleenShield Leaflet Front

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Kleen-shield application