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Kleen-Shield for Cars

Kleen-Shield Liquid Glass Coating for Car Windows

Kleen-Shield is a product in the Klingshield range. Kleen-Shield offers excellent benefits to consumers when it comes to keeping their car windows clean inside and out.

The most important part of the car that needs to be kept clean is one’s windows. The window is your eye to the world and one needs to make sure that windows are kept clean when motoring as weather conditions and dusty road can play havoc with driving conditions.

Numerous accidents occur worldwide every minute due to poor visibility in driving conditions. Glass needs to be kept clean to allow visual contact to remain as a high priority.

Cleaning windows is the most difficult and tiresome task. Most consumers wash their cars weekly and feel proud and good to drive in a clean car. Car washes are very popular, however windows never sparkle the way they should, after being cleaned. The reason being that glass is porous and embedded dirt adheres to lower surfaces and remains difficult to clean.

Cleaning of windows is a task within itself. Any professional window cleaner will tell you that a certain procedure needs to take place to ensure that a window is cleaned in the correct manner. Many subjects have been discussed and written on how to keep windows clean and sparkling.

Kleen-Shield’s liquid coating has been tested for over 20 years to their element and stands up with excellent results. Kleen-Shield liquid coating needs to be applied to all the windows in a car. Most cars have 8 windows in total which requires 8 cleaning procedures and 8 application of Kleen-Shield to the outside of the windows.

The interior windows require Kleen-Shield “once clean always clean” coating and must be applied with precision to ensure that all the glass is completed coated. Air brush technology is utilised in this application. Once applied, Kleen-Shield needs to dry for 3 minutes, thereafter all the excess liquid coating on the window needs to be squeegeed off and the window needs to be dried on the edges.

A dry cotton cloth is required to clean off all the excess Kleen-Shield and the window needs to be buffed to an absolute sparkle!

Also included in the application of Kleen-Shield to cars, which entails approximately 22 coatings on a standard car, is a free bottle of Kleen-Shield top up coating which should be used after a year on the exterior windows of your car.

For further information on this amazing Kleen-Shield product please contact us. We suggest you book your car in for a full application of Kleen-Shield which takes about 3 hours and comes at an opening special price of R1200-00 excluding VAT for the next 50 cars.

For more information please contact us.