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Klingshield Botswana


Klingshield Window Film direct to Botswana

Window insulating film that cuts your energy bills winter and summer, is now available to the consumers of Botswana directly from the originators, Klingshield Johannesburg, at amazing discount prices! 

Klingshield’s newly expanded and improved exclusive window film products called Ceramic Nano Technology, are far superior and better performing than any old style window films sold previously and still being sold today, are now available for the Botswana market. These window films have been designed especially for all season’s temperature control.

The consumer in Botswana has been paying too much for window film for their offices, homes and cars. Klingshield now offers film cut to size at big discount prices. These cut to size kits come with complete installation manual, as well as a practice roll of film for your convenience. Our user-friendly window films can be easily installed by do-it-yourself enthusiasts or handymen. With kits cut to size, consumers do not have to absorb the waste, which is the norm when buying product off a role.

Klingshield has a full range of window film products to enable them to solve any related window film problem, whether too much heat coming into a room, or the sun’s glare playing havoc with TV or computer monitors. Excessive sunlight causes headaches, eye strain and fatigue.

Safety car window film is also available directly from Klingshield’s head office in Johannesburg. It is vital to look at saving costs in today’s extremely difficult economic times, and this is where Klingshield has come to the fore!! You will be getting these superior products at lower prices.

Going green is a commitment made by all countries in Africa to reduce carbon footprint and use less energy. Window film reduces the amount of sunlight entering offices and companies therefore save on airconditioning costs. It also retains the warmth on cold winter nights. Electricity is becoming scarce in Africa and we all need to utilise solar energy to its maximum. In fact, solar energy experts are predicting that by 2050 the world will use 95% of reusable recycled energy.

New energy saving products will be the future for Africa and Botswana will be a major contributor to going green and saving energy.

Should you require any of our range of products which also includes Kleen-Shield glass liquid coating for easy cleaning of glass, Stone-Shield Protective Film for bumpers, fenders and headlights, please visit our website to view detailed information on all our products. Should you require any further information or want to order one of our unique products please contact us.

You should be aware of fake Klingshield in Botswana.