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Klingshield CEO Abroad

Klingshield's CEO Ventures Abroad To Gain New Ideas 

Travelling abroad, which I have been doing for the past forty years at least once a year, is always a wonderful experience for me. These travels keeps me young and also keep my mind in touch with the latest trends and ideas that are taking place worldwide, and when I travel my eyes are open like golf balls and my ears are like cabbage leaves, absorbing everything that catches my curiosity and I am at all times very curious about what is happening around me, especially if it is new and different and stands out. I am like a sponge that soaks up everything and I enjoy these experiences intensely.

This time I decided to get a lift to the airport as the ride on the Gauteng Train is a pain in the butt as one has to carry one’s own cases into the station and onto the train. Once one gets to the airport it becomes another schlep for a senior citizen to remove the cases off the train and drag the cases into the airport.

The old system of the porters loading your bags into trolley’s and wheeling them right up to the counter for me works like a charm and I don't feel exhausted when I finally get onto the plane.  On approaching the overseas departure terminal I noticed some huge digitally printed graphics attached to the front of the building, making a huge in pact to marketing and advertising of some renowned brands.

I must say that OR TAMBO International Airport, run by the Airports Company South Africa, and which was rebuilt for the Soccer World Cup  is certainly a world class airport.

I saw some very interesting stores in the departure halls especially the curio stores.  There was a huge statue of Mandela made of wire and beads in blue tones standing at the entrance of a store, looking spectacular!
The whole store is a "mind blow" for overseas visitors who want to take home some souvenirs from our beautiful country.

The one shop window is built like a tribal home with the most striking colours  in stripes, squares and  multicolors in a traditional design, and another design  that caught my eye was woven wood panelling in the departure area and some amazing steel weaving separating the departure area and the walking escalator walkway.

The security fencing was a work of art when it came to stainless steel partitions and from my experience I know that this unique design work of mesh fencing comes from Germany.  It is see-through  in order that one can still see the beautiful view of the planes.  However at the same time offering very high type security that fits the decor of a modern airport.
Well a twelve hour flight is a twelve hour flight and we were lucky enough to get e few extra seats which helps to make the unpleasant experience a little more tolerable.

I happened to be seated next to a very learned man from Zimbabwe who was involved in the education of his people and we spoke for hours on different subjects and in the end I offered him an opportunity for his son to be our agent in Zimbawbe as he had just completed his MBA overseas and was looking for a job opportunity.  Maybe this will be the first of many positive things that I will be encountering along this journey.

Once arriving at Sydney airport I shot straight to the Vodaphone Store to fill up my airtime and my iPad, to enable me to immediately  get onto the electronic high way, as today no modern  businessman can travel without these items.

The Sydney airport has some large expanse of white translucent film areas of Klingshield window film to offer privacy to security spaces.  There were also some very striking graphics on glass, digitally printed pictures on vinyl films showing off Australia’s beautiful scenery and cities.

Getting a taxi into the city cost me over R555.00 but I did enjoy the drive without out seeing big taxis cutting us off and out of control. The city is as clean as a whistle and there is no hooting going on. There are also no beggars bothering one at robots.  Well you don’t find this sort of thing in a first world country!

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