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Klingshield Delivers More

Klingshield Delivers more than the Customer Expects

Klingshield as a company always likes to make sure that the customer gets more than they pay for and are absolutely satisfied with product and service provided.

The following is a letter received from one of our customers, Phillip Ingleson.

Dear Sir

First of all let me thank you for your co-operation, friendliness and service rendered by your representative Mr. Zal Manashewitz and yourself. Our family room is now exactly like we want it and we are very pleased with the way things turned out after removing the bronze 15 reflective which was much too dark for our house.

The refitting of the Bronze 35 at no extra cost to myself, although I offered to pay the difference was carried out with great success.

It is interesting to note that Mr. Levy, Director of Klingshield refused to accept any payment whatsoever as he said he wants to keep all customers happy at all times.

“To Klingshield, a complaint is more important than an order” was Mr. Levy’s comment.

Let me add that in today’s times with prices and costs rising and with the majority of firms not even trying to honour guarantees I really was very surprised at Klingshield’s attitude and once again thank them and if I have the possibility of putting business in their direction I most certainly will.

Yours faithfully
Phillip Ingleson

This is the kind of attitude Klingshield adopts towards its business and its customers and that is the reason why Klingshield has dominated the window film market in South Africa over the past 4 decades.

Should you require to read more testimonials from our past clients, please contact us