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Klingshield Developed Sputter Films

Who was first on the South African Market with Sputter Films?

Klingshield started selling sputter coated window film some 20 years ago. This stunning technology was a breakthrough in the window film industry, as it created positive charge gas ions bombarded with special alloys creating a plasma of alloy atoms. Film was passed over this “blue plasma” and the atoms were condensed on the surface. This style of manufacture and technology offers outstanding colour stability with high heat reflection which creates a very light look from the inside. Therefore, sputter films are high performing films, with low visibility light reduction, as well as a low heat absorption factor. Therefore this product can be used on laminated glass as an alternative to silver reflective film.

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This advanced window film technology has a neutral look from the outside and virtually visible from the inside. The tint softens light to compliment your décor on furnishings and adds architectural high performance.

Sputter window film is a tough construction of corrosion resistant metal alloys, creating a colour that is light, with good taste. Sputter window films reject 99% of the sun’s harmful ultra violet rays and protects carpets, upholstery and furnishings from fading. It also reduces annoying glare and adheres to the window with a distortion free adhesion system. Because these films are engineered better, they will last longer than regular metallised or dyed films and come with a 10 year warranty. Sputter films also act as a safety film and will hold fragments of flying glass if broken. This technology is more expensive to manufacture than regular reflective films.

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Consumers have the advantage of 52% of the solar energy rejected, making rooms cool while cutting 65% of the glare. The infra red rejection is far higher than regular reflective films. Numerous homes and buildings have been coated with bronze sputter films throughout South Africa and more and more consumers are taking advantage of this technology with the use of sputter films manufactured in bronze and neutral.

Should you require any other information on sputter technology, please contact Klingshield, who can supply all the data as measured in accordance with AIMCAL and ASHRAE standards and also view our website.