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See the Difference with Klingshield

Klingshield’s window films for offices and homes is an attractive, safe and clear solution to all glass areas. Modern architects are utilising large areas of glass in buildings to create a colourful metallic gleam and staying away from dull black or shaded brickwork.We love the sun but when it gets too hot or too bright we need to apply a special protection that Klingshield can provide. While these huge glass buildings have a beautiful aesthetic look these glazed areas have some disadvantages that need to be addressed.

Glass is a bad insulator of heat and the sun pours through glazing material, creating hot and uncomfortable offices due to direct radiation. With state of the art Klingshield solar film on the windows of your home or business, it will keep rooms cooler, glare free and drastically reduce the harmful UV rays that destroy interior furnishings. What is more, your heating and airconditioning works more efficiently saving energy costs.

With the application of highly reflective film your building or home will have style and the value of your property will be increased.

Klingshield window films also add significantly to safety in businesses or homes as it guards against the dangers of broken glass by holding shattered glass pieces together, making Klingshield window films ideal for both windows and glass doors.

Ultra thick solar safety films increase the security of your building by offering a degree of smash and grab protection 24 hours a day. Klingshield sun control window film adds comfort and security as well as giving you peace of mind and offers affordable protection.

With Klingshield sun control window film, you can enjoy a view all year round without discomfort and damage from the sun.
There are numerous other benefits such as reducing total solar transmission through glass by 79%. One can live in comfort by applying solar film and drastically reducing the glare on computer monitors and TV screens.

Klingshield’s range of solar control window films are colour fast products available to suit every style of building.
Klingshield’s solar safety film is an excellent deterrent to intruders and helps keep them off the premises by securing and shatterproofing of windows. This also reduces the risk of vandalism and rioters from penetrating glass areas.


stop the sun

Children and adults accidentally break glass. Shattering glass shards can cause disastrous injuries unless Klingshield safety film is applied. The film holds the broken shards together and reduces injury as per the South African Bureau of Standards for safety glazing materials in buildings. Klingshield also has a range of decorative films which will add excitement to your glass and creativity in different dimensions to your office and home décor. Limited only by your imagination, logos, patterns and designs can be custom produced to suit architects or decorators requirements.

Decorative films come in a sandblast look or frosted finish so you can enjoy the privacy from inside and outside, however, still allowing ample light in.Other superior benefits from Klingshields range of window films

Klingshield has a clear distortion free pressure sensitive window film that lasts year after year and also turns glass into shatterproof glass. Klingshield’s films have the toughest scratch resistant surface that cleans with just a wipe over with a damp cloth.All Klingshield’s window films come with a written warranty for peace of mind.

Klingshield has been the leader and innovator of window film for over 40 years and supply products of the very highest standards. Klingshield distributes film as well as fits it by expertly trained and qualified installers to homes, offices and cars.

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