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Klingshield Image Gallery

Klingshield window film and window tinting gallery

shatterproof your home windowsKlingshield turns ordinary glass into safety glass

windows shattered after bomb blastOrdinary glass blown out in bomb explosion

window film on back windowsOne piece easy mold back window film with Klingshield's automotive window film

safety film on buildingThis complete building was installed with Klingshield safety film to reduce the risk of injury and death from flying glass in a bomb explosion

translucent designer filmDesigner frosted pattern window film applied to a storefront window for decorative purposes

demonstration of security film on glassKlingshield is the first company to market thick safety films from impact resistance

SABS window film testingKlingshield's window films have been tested by the South African Bureau of Standards for impact, scratch resistance and optical clarity quality

keep a car coolKlingshield's 35% smash and grab tint stops 65% of the sun's glare from entering through vehicle windows

results after a bomb blastThe aftermath of a bomb explosion demonstrating the damage created from flying glass

smashed front windscreenFront windows of vehicles are also vulnerable to attack. Klingshield's new windscreen film offers extra protection and is becoming more and more popular.

glass held together with film

Glass held together by Klingshield safety film after a bomb explosion in a shopping centre

window film on sliding doorsYoung children playing around ordinary glass can be very dangerous. Glass can cause injury and even death. Shattered glass can be a lethal weapon

dangers of flying glassThis is the result of a bomb blast in Johannesburg South Africa. Most of the damage was caused by flying glass

window film keeps car coolAn independant test by You magazine confirming that Klingshield auto tint, applied to your vehicle windows, reduces the inside temperture by 15 degrees celsius

Klingshield fitted to hotel windowsThe Carlton Centre building in Johannesburg South Africa has been treated with klingshield's clear safety film to protect the occupants from flying glass, should there be a bomb explosion

flat glass window film installation by klingshieldKlingshield safety film being applied to large windows, turning them from ordinary glass into shatterproof glass

klingshield window film tested by fire departmentKlingshield tests it's window film to confirm it does not support combustion and will retain a fire for a longer period of time  in one area by holding the glass together during a fire in a building

Klingshield care treatment centreKlingshield's car fitment centre in Johannesburg South Africa. All Klingshield fitment centers have a clean working environment, similar to an operating theater, bacteria free

Klingshield window film on Mr Mandela homeNelson Mandela's private residence in Houghton Johannesburg South Africa, has been fitted with Klingshield's high tech sun control window film

window graphics by KlingshieldExclusive window graphic signage designed, manufactured and installed by Klingshield, utilising different types and styles of window films to create the desired effect

shatterproof glass by KlingshieldSilver reflective window film holding glass together after a bomb explosion

window film insurance KlingshieldKlingshield has insurance in place, offering customers piece of mind should there be any unforseen damage during the application of Klingshield window film

safety film by KlingshieldAll Klingshield's saftey window film products have been tested for maximum impact

stop heat with window film

Klingshield reflective window film stops 79% of the sun's heat from passing through windows. It also keeps in 26% of interior generated heat in winter

window graphics from KlingshieldKlingshied window graphics appiied to a glass door on the outside of a CD store

alternative to smash and grabOld fashioned security for car windows. Klingshield now has a double-thick safety film which is applied to the inside of the glass, making it as resistant as steel

stop flying glas with KlingshieldKlingshield safety film, applied to your windows, reduces flying objects for passing through your windows and reduces injury

dangers of flying glass by KlingshieldResults after a bomb explosion. Numerous people injured from ordinary flying glass

klingshield holds glass togetherKlingshield safety film holds the glass together under impact circumstances

Klingshield's safety film does not support combustionKlingshield's window films tested by the Brixton fire department to demonstrate that window film, once applied to glass, does not support combustion

Klingshield's corporate installation vansKlingshield's first window film installation vehicle in Cape Town in 1977

security film holds glass together with KlingshieldKlingshied safety window film holding glass together after placing dynamite directly onto the glass and exploding it

the dangers of flying glass by KlingshieldFlying glass debris after a bomb explosion

vehicles attacked by smash and grabbersSmash and grab attack on the streets of Johannesburg. If you live in South Africa you have to put Klingshield smash and grab on your car windows. It's a no-brainer

secure your windows with Klingshield
Retail stores utilse Klingshield's double-thick safety film to reduce the risk of smash and grabbers penetrating the glass
Klingshield's sun control window filmSpecification drawing showing the sun being reflected and absorbed into the glazing system

South African Bureau of Standards tests Klingshield's window filmKlingshield safety film being tested by the South African Bureau of Standards for impact resistance

Klingshield's tinted film on carsDark tinted window film very popular in many markets throughout the world

designer sandblasting blocksKlingshied's custom frosting available in different patterns to suit your requirements

klingshield safety film reduces injuriesStone throwers trageting front windscreens 

translucent window film blocksGlass partion between 2 offices that has been frosted with Klingshield's patterned printed frosted film

sputter coated window film Mandela's houseReflective film on Nelson Mandela's lounge windows, supplied and installed by Klingshield

Klingshield safety film on vehicle

Charcoal 20 privacy tint applied to a 4x4 vehicle

contra vision window designs from KlingshieldWindow graphics developed and patented by Klingshield in 1980. First see-through signage in the world.

silver reflective window filmWindows blown out after a huge bomb explosion. Some windows were held intact by Klingshield's reflective sun control window film

smash and grab on back windowBack windows are also vulnerable to attack

flying g;assBullet resistant glass needs Klingshield safety film to stop splinters from flying

35% legal tintEven the South African Police services utilze Klingshield Smash and Grab protects to protect them
tint a car
Klingshield offers the best automotive tinting film in the industry - lifetime guarentee

glass protected with window filmMost injuries caused by flying glass happen to young children. Klingshield safety film turns ordinary glass into safety glass

sandblast designsKlingshield's full range of decorative printed window films


roles of window film

Klingshield supplies it's approved fitment centres with window film racks for ease of cutting of automotive film templates

shatterproof glassGlass after impact held together by Klingshield's ultra-thick safety film

shattered glass with filmOrdinary glass applied with Klingshield's 150 micron safety film resisted an attack with a brick 

shattered glass after bomb explosionShopfront window held in place by Klingshield's bronse reflective film after a bomb explosion in Germiston South Africa

glass needs safety filmAny window at any moment can shatter especially on the roads in South Africa. Klingshield safety film applied to all glass areas holds glass in place and reduces the risk of injury and death from flying glass.

pets need window film protectionAnimals and pets are also vulnerable to injury when playing around windows. Protect your loved ones now by installing Klingshield safety film on your windows

applying Klingshield window filmKlingshield were the pioneers of one piece technology on back windows. ie no joins on back windows. Film is specially molded to fit each back window

window film stops fadingAll Klingshield's window film rejects up to 99% of ultra-violet light, which is the main cause of furniture and upholstery fading

applying Klingshield to carsKlingshield offers the best finish when it comes to the application of Smash and Grab window film to vehicles. All installations are bubble free and done in a dust free environment 

glass held by Klingahield safety filmLarge bank windows held together by Klingshield's Sun Control window film after a bomb explosion in Johannesburg South Africa

Klingshield's tint a car stops heatKlingshield's Smash and Grab tint, once applied toi your vehicle's windows, stops 65% of the sunlight from coming into the interior of your car

self cleaning glass by KlingshieldKleen-shield, which is one of Klingshield's innovative products, is a liquid glass, turning ordinay glass into self-cleaning glass. Used in cars, offices and homes to reduce the time to clean windows. This product inhibits dirt buildup.

glass held together by Klingshield'as window filmGlass held together after a bomb explosion in the Carlton Centre located in Johannesburg South Africa. This window was treated with Klingshield safety film which reduces the effects of flying glass during bomb explosions

flying glass no window filmWindow held together by Klingshield safety film after a bomb explosion in a shopping centre

Klingshield window film installerKlingshield offers the sexiest window film supervisors when doing window film installations in offices and homes. Unfortunately she does not earn a fantastic salary and can therefore not afford to clothe herself

tint a car by KlingshieldKlingshied smash and grab ultra-thick window tint being applied to the side window of a vehicle

shatterproof your car windows by KlingshieldKlingshield now offers glass protection film for all windows of vehicles to reduce the temperature inside the cabin This plastic Klingshield coating, once applied to the interior surface of the glass, also makes the glass safer for all occupants as they now have a plastic coating facing them and are now not exposed to the glass.

sandblast blocks by KlingshieldKlingshield's designer window films available in blocks and squares. These films also turn ordinary glass into safety glass

Klingshield reflective residential window filmKlingshield's reflective film on windows offers privacy from the outside

klingshield's film holds glass togetherGlass held together after dynamite was attached and exploded

everybody needs Klingshield smash and grabKlingshield offers the best smash and grab warrenty in the business

Klingshield smash and grab window filmViolent attack on window. Klingshield saftey film holds the glass together, offering degrees of protection

security film holding glass togetherSheets of glass held together by Klingshield safety film during a huge explosion in a shopping mall in Johannesburg South Africa. Although the windows blew out, all the glass was held together by the window film, thereby reducing the damage to property and saving lives by reducing the effects of the flying glass

Klingshield's security filmKlingshield safety window film holds glass together after a child runs into it

all Klingshield's window film scratch resistantScratch resistant window film compared to regular window film after a scratch resistant test 

security window film holds glass togetherKlingshield's window film holds glass together after impact by rioters

Klingshield's reflective window film on buildingsAward winning building, in Natal South Africa, applied with Klingshield's silver reflective sun control window film

window film used in conjunction with bullet proof glassTests with bullet resistant glass

front windscreen window filmKlingshield's windscreen film offers excellent clarity, reducing heat and glare by 70%

Klingshield's window film stops the sunKlingshield's grey reflective film stops 79% of the sun's heat and 85% of the sun's glare

car tinting by KlingshieldAutomotive window tint being applied to the side window of a vehicle

opaque vinyl window filmsRainbow coloured vinyl films applied to windows for a decorative  look available, new Klingshield website

3m vinyl window filmCustom designed window frosting manufactured to customer's requirements

Klingshield smash and grab treatment centreAppointed Klingshield fitment centre. Dust free, bubble free. Best smash and grab window film installations in South Africa

Klingshield window film keeps offices coolWithout Klingshield sun control window film and with Klingshield Sun control window film. A picture speaks a thousand words.