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Klingshield Image Gallery 2

Image Gallery 2

Windows-blown-out-in-bomb-explosionKlingshield's "mini billboard campaign" utilising postcards to create attention, thereby obtaining enquires from potential customers

Klingshield's advertising propAdvertising prop created by the Klingshield's marketing department to create attention outside of Klingshied's approved smash and grab centres

Klingshield's building wrapsA building wrap in Braamfontien, Johannnesburg South Africa

reflective window film on buildingsCommercial buildings with reflective window film to reduce energy consumption as well as glare reduction. New regulations call for  low-e reflective film to make large buildings more energy efficient

Klingshield turns ordinary glass into safety glassKlingshield safety film on all store windows offers piece of mind from shattering glass

paint protection film by KlingshieldPaint protection window film. No damage caused with paint protection film. Under normal circumstances much wear and tear caused by road debris

corporate signage from KlingshieldKlingshield offers an advertising medium designed to go on the back windows of vehicles. This concept is very economical and offers high visibilty in city traffic

Klingshield's window graphics on back windows of vehiclesSee-through contravision applied to the back window of a microbus to create attention and have a lasting effect for it's owner. This is a Lionel Messi image.

window film on bullet proof glassIndividual tests created to demonstrate the value of shatterproof and bulletproof glass

Klingshield graphics on shop frontA storefront window graphic created out of opaque film to create attention in a shopping mall

design work by KlingshieldRed vinyl window film used in a partition to create a decorative effect as well as offer some privacy

high tech tinting stores by KlingshieldThe interior of a Klingshield fitment centre in Eloff Street Johannesburg which is completely unique and dazzling. All these shop fittings and automotive furniture are designed and manufactured in-house by the Klingshield engineering department

Klingshield's range of window filmsA full range of Klingshield's opaque film applied to cottage panes at Klingshield's head office in Johannesburg South Africa

glass shelving designed by KlingshieldA unique glass stand manufactured by Klingshield's engineering department to house a valuable collection of Illi coffee cups

Klingshield's safety film holds glass together in bomb blastLeon Levy ,CEO of Klingshield, examining a window in a shopping centre after a bomb explosion. This window was held together by the Klingshield safety film, thereby reducing injury to humans and damage to property

Glass sign by KlingshieldKlingshield's signage manufacturing department in the process of manufacturing it's unique glass and perspex sign product

glass sign manufactured in Klingshield's sign workshop Leon levy, CEO of Klingshield, examing a glass and perspex in the Klingshield's signage department

Klingshield stained glass window filmKlingshield's stained glass window film which is available in a do-it-yourself kit. The width of the material is 92cm and one can buy any length one likes, at a rate of R300.00 a running metre. There are many other designs available

Klingshield's paint protection on vehicleKlingshield's paint protection keeps motor-vehicles looking like new. It guards against damage from road debris and malicious scratching

white striped sandblasting by KlingshieldAn internal glass partition utilising the application of a striped frosting custom-made for the client's requirements

Klingshield safety film leafletJohannesburg has become the hijacking capital of the world. Smash and grab attacks on vehicles is a daily occurrence in hotspots throughout the city. Klingshield's double-thick smash and grab window film product is the finest available on the market today

rolls of vinyl window film from KlingshieldKlingshield's cast vinyl warehouse offering a full array of colours in 3 different qualities. Economy, standard and premium vinyl window films. These products are not only used on windows, but also for signage on various substrates

Klingshield's digital window film printing machineKlingshield has a full-fledged digital printing department offering small runs of full colour brochures and other printing services as required by their clients. Klingshield also has has a full-fledged art department capable of designing what is required for their client's needs

window graphics on shop front from KlingshieldA window graphic installed on a shopfront in a mall to create attention and bring feet traffic into the store

perspex signs from klingshieldThree dimensional signage, manufactured and installed by Klingshield's signage department

beautiful hand cut window graphics by KlingshieldA window graphic created for a hairdresser in Los Angeles by Klingshield's USA branch 

every window tint inspected for protection by KlingshieldA Klingshield engineer putting the final touches to  a smash and grab tint, offering the best quality control in the market place today 

one piece technology back window installation from KlingshieldA professional window tinting installer heat shrinking the window tint for the back window of a car 

Klingshield's immaculate car window tinting centreKlingshield smash and grab window film being installed at klingshield's pollution free tinting centre 

window graphics with KlingshieldComputer cut frosting applied to a dealership's window in Johannesburg South Africa by the Klingshield window film company

vinyl window graphics designed by KlingshieldDigitally printed signage applied to a window of a retail store. Klingshield's digital printing division and Klingshield's art department worked together to create this finished product

tint a car with KlingshieldKlingshield window film installer applying a automotive window tint to the side of a car window

contra vision graphic by KlingshieldContravision window graphic installed on a car dealership to create attention and announce a new model available

window designs by KlingshieldA unique window graphic created by Klingshield for a hairdressing salon in Johannesburg South Africa. These graphics improved foot traffic into the salon by 100%

Klingshield's anti fade window filmAll Klingshield's sun contrrol window films, from highly reflective through to clear, stop 99% of ultra-violet light, one of the main causes of fabrics and furnishings fading

Klingshield smash and grab window film

A press ad designed by the Klingshield marketing department to grab attention and create income

Klingshield-digital-printing-machines-for-manufacturing-of-window-graphicsKlingshield's digital marketing department offers low volume, high quality printing coupled with professional design work for it's clients

vinyl window film colours from KlingshieldThis is a full range of opaque films available from Klingshield, the window film company, in Johannesburg South Africa

contra vision window film at 702 radio stationKlingshield CEO Leon Levy attending a meeting at 702 Radio Station's head office in Johannesburg South Africa

Suzuki exhibition displaying Klingshield smash and grabErrol Geyer, Klingshield's sales manager, attending a sales seminar

Klingshield window film advertisingKlingshield's unique way of marketing their car window fitment centres. These centres stand out way above the rest in the street and create lots of store traffic

black cut out window graphics by KlingshieldComputer cut window film in a blackout film applied to windows with sandblast window film applied to the exterior

Klingshield signs and graphic divisionKlingshield, the window film company, also offers a complete signage manufacturing facility

Klingshied's sign manufacturing plantGlass processing and toughening facility to manufacture glass signage which is available in the Klingshield range of products

Klingshield's sign divisionA backlite light box available from Klingshield's signage department .  Klingshield designs and manufactures all types of signage through it's art and engineering department. All signs are installed through our electrical department

Klingshield's sign manufacturing plantAn illuminated light box created by the Klingshield engineering department, in conjunction with Klingshield's electrical department. All Klingshield staff have innovation qualites, flare and flexibility

Klingshield's window film stock roomLeon Levy, CEO of Klingshield, at the entrance of Klingshield's window film warehousing department

Bronze designer window filmKlingshield bronze translucent film custom made and installed on a window to the client's requirements

cheap and nasty window filmInferior film manufactured in China. Let the buyer be aware because this can happen to you if you are looking for a cheap deal. As they say in Afrikaans "goedkoop is duurkoop"

beat the heat with Klingshield window filmKlingshield's sales consultants understand what it takes to offer a solution for sun related problems in buildings

buildingKlingshield safety film, applied to all glass areas, makes it more difficult for rioter's weapons to penetrate, offering you better security

petrol bombing in riotsMolotov cocktails, or petrol bombs, are rioters weapons. Klingshield's ultra-thick smash and grab safety films, applied to windows, offer maximum protection from penetration of petrol bombs

Klingshield's white translucent window film in bathroomKlingshield's sandblast window film allows ample light in and offers day and night-time privacy for bathrooms and other areas where privacy is required

Klingshield sandblast window film from exteriorA view from the exterior of a building demonstrating the clean look of a Klingshield sandblast or white translucent film on windows. This product offers daytime and night-time privacy, however it still allows the natural light into the building

shop front attacked with petrol bombKlingshield continuously tests their safety film products against the effect of petrol bomb rioters, to demonstrate that their ultra-thick safety film, once applied to glass, stops petrol bombs from entering buildings through windows

beat the heat in your car with klingshield's window filmKlingshield smash and grab tint reduces the sunlight from entering the car by 65% 

stained glass window film for bathroomsAnother stained glass window film available from Klingshield, the window film company, in Johannesburg South Africa

Klingshield specializes in two tone car wrapsTwo-tone vehicle wraps are becoming more and more popular. This look is acheived by the use of special coloured vinyls which are appiled to the bodywork of any vehicle

Klingshield's contra vision window film on vehicleA canopy on a vehicle being installed with a contravison see-through window film. This product offers privacy from outside, however when inside the vehicle one can see out

white translucent 3m vinyl window filmVinyl frosting window film applied to partition windows in an office environment

sandblast designs with Klingshield window film Printed frosting available as a do-it-yourself kit from the Klingshield window film company