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Micro Dotting Systems for Cars

Klingshield now involved in Micro Dotting Systems for Cars

Klingshield, the world leaders in window film innovation technology, has added a new product to it’s range of after-market automotive products.
Invisible identification microdots will enable owners of cars to be able to identify their assets once Klingshield has applied 15 000 invisible dots to all parts of the vehicle.
Law authorities will also now be in a position to identify stolen property with the use of an ultra-violet lamp thanks to this new marking technology system.
A “Data Hot Dot” register will enable police track the owners details once the property has been recovered.
This clever system will deter thieves and reduce the amount of theft as this product can be applied to all consumer’s valuable assets.
The South African Bureau of Standards as well as Insurance companies have approved this product and offer reductions on premiums to car owners and home owners who have had this system fitted.
This recovery product has taken engineers nine years of research and development to perfect.

The new invisible protection product is air brushed on to the different parts of the vehicle in minutes and is installed on cars at Klingshield Window Tinting centre in Johannesburg.
By law in South Africa, all new vehicles have to be micro dotted as from July 2011, and from information on hand, it will also become law in 2012 for all used vehicles to have this dot identification.
Klingshield will also be in a position to apply the ID invisible micro dot system to caravans, boats, motor bikes, bicycles, lawnmowers and all household appliances and goods.
Another big market will be office equipment, computers, cellphones and virtually any other assets, including copper wires often stolen from Government departments says Leon Levy CEO of Klingshield in South Africa.
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