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Klingshield Warranties

Klingshield offers the best user friendly warranties in the business

Klingshield being the originator of tinting on cars in South Africa ,has had the most experience and offers the best quality finish in the car window protection business in the country.

Klingshield started to fit window film on cars in the early seventies and has mastered the application to a fine art. We also have an updated clean room and working tinting centre..In this high tech working area we remove all dust from the atmosphere and perform a custom fit installation. This allows us to deliver a dust free, bubble free installation far above any other company in the industry.

When fitting the film to the side windows of the cars we take the film to the edges of the glass offering a custom fit. We also install the film to below the panels at the bottom of the side window to make sure at a later stage that there is no chance of peeling.

A lot of competitor installers don't bother to take the film below the bottom panel because it is more difficult and time consuming.

Klingshield invented the way to apply one-piece technology on all back windows to eliminate joins some twenty five years ago. This is done with a heat moulding technique.

The products used today for the installation is a multiple functional solar and safety film originally designed by our research and design department in the early eighties. Most other countries in the world at that time used a regular tint film as their markets never called for smash and grab products. South Africa was going through it's changes and crime was a problem and consumers needed protection in their cars as rioting and unrest was taking place on a daily basis. Today most cars in South Africa are fitted with these safety solar films due to our research, developments and marketing efforts.

Best Aftermarket

It took a huge effort by Klingshield to educate the market place on the value of installing multiple functional window film on their cars windows to protect drivers and passengers. We are proud to say after all our efforts that this has increased the number of after-market add on products in the South African automotive market. Smash & Grab safety film is the number one after sales product on the market to date.

Numerous companies have now jumped in on the business but we still lead the way with the only product being tested by the South Africa Bureau in numerous categories. We have scratch resistant testing that shows the product is resistant to scratching when the film is rolled up and down on the side windows. This is obviously very important as the product needs to remain looking good for years to come.

Other testing has being carried out by the SABS on our products. A series of impact test have been done to ensure the film adheres properly to the glass to ensure there is no flying glass in a glass related accident or a smash and grab attack. Not all safety film has the same amount of adhesion and inexperienced copy cat window film installers don't even realise this and think all film is the same and sometimes install film that is not capable of holding the glass together.

Klingshield has also done weathering tests at the SABS to ensure the longevity of the product. All the tests show that we ensure the quality of the products we install and we are committed to applying the best products in the market place.

We go to all this expense and great lengths because we care and we want to use the best of the best for our clients as we have a brand name and offer real warranties that have value to the end user. We have a reputation that has taken forty years to build and we will never take chances to spoil our trusted name using cheaper products to make more money. This is not our style. Our name is more important than the bottom line as we are proud of our company and have a passion for our business.

When we give a warranty it's real as we will be here in years to come to stand behind our products and brand.

The above reason is why we believe we offer the best warranty in the business and are the best company to have your smash and grab film applied to your biggest single investment.


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