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Old Customers Return

Buried Treasure - Former Customers can be a Gold Mine

Do you find yourself struggling to make ends meet, pay the bills, clothe your children, meet your rent payments and you are sitting in sales waiting for the phone to ring.

Wake up and smell the roses, the old records packed away in boxes in the basement of the company is like a gold mine ready to be re-exploited and you cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel . This treasure is a data base of old customers who know your company and it's product.

Most products have an expiry date and many of your window film installations have passed this “use by date” !!

Sputter Bronze

In truth, when a customer buys your product and has had a good and lasting experience, they are already convinced that your company is the right company to do business with. This situation is an invitation not just for a repeat sale, but also an ongoing relationship and possible referrals! It is the kind of relationship that can create further opportunities for customers to buy more from you.

Putting clients names in a date base and seeing them email from time to time keeps your company’s brand in front of your potential market. One should keep adding to one’s data base as it becomes a valuable asset to any company. Special offer promotions and the release of new products can be sent out to your target market within minutes with great success. Action governs reaction and every time I send out emails I get a response and increase my sales.

Each email needs to be well thought out and your offer needs to be special. The whole email needs to create some type of "wow " factor to reap the benefits and stand out above other emails which consumers receive every day.

This is simply captivation of your customer base with wake up calls and is very proactive.

Your gold mine of possible additional sales lies dormant and is overlooked as you spend large amounts of money chasing new customers. You can now take advantage of your customer base and seek out customers who are willing to do business with your company once again.

One can also offer vouchers to old clients making the offer hard to resist!

More and more window film companies are starting to realize the importance of cultivating their existing customer base. Keeping old customers happy and buying means that you won't need to constantly wrestle with your competitors for first time sales.

Direct marketing experts are big believers in communication via the old fashioned letter writing with a new shorter modern twist via email with some heavy impacting graphics and hot copy to go with it.
If possible, personalize your communication to your current and former customers who will appreciate this and more than likely pass business your way.

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