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Klingshield with Dealerships

Klingshield Partners with Dealerships

If you want to be successful in the window film business wherever you are located in the world, it takes a certain effort to enable a window film company to succeed in various markets. Each window film market is different and the way the market reacts in various countries is also different. However, I am convinced after numerous years of calling on car dealers, that there is definitely a formula and way of thinking that enables a window film company to establish a partnership with car dealership in its area.

It makes good sense for a window film company to capitalize on the opportunity available to them through dealerships within their area. Dealerships for a smart sales manager is a hunting ground for business in this glass protection industry we find ourselves in. Window Film Representatives in the tint a car division, should call on all dealerships within their area at least once every two weeks, offering good public relations input.

It is imperative that the sales manager/consultant/owner know and connect with all sales consultants on the showroom floor of dealerships. Personally, when I walk into a dealership I know all the sales consultants names, sales manager’s name as well as the D.P. After calling for so many years and offering an excellent smash and grab window film service, these humans in these dealerships appreciate the quality work and efficient manner in which we deal with their account. Some of our joint effort in creating a “win win” for both the dealership and Klingshield has certainly paid off after all these years.

Some dealership relationships go back over 10 years and this is a record we are proud of. We appreciate the constant business our car dealerships give us and are always conscious of the fact that our service and quality is only as good as the last completed smash and grab installation.

Offering a consistent good finish on window film is not an easy task. Applying film to motor cars is a specialized business. Each and every window needs to go through a quality control check at different points. Each car needs to be delivered back to the dealership in a sparkling condition.

Promises and urgent jobs need to go into express queues to enable us to always deliver the best possible service. The quality of our window film is the best money can buy and the range available is exclusive to Klingshield, the number one window film company in marketing and installing in the whole wide world. 38 years of eating, dreaming and loving this industry, I Leon Levy, am blessed to be able to be involved in such a creative, innovative amazing product range.

Kleen-Shield -Our new range of products which includes Kleen-Shield, the amazing liquid glass coating product which was developed in England in 1980 and won a Prince Charles award for invention. Kleen-Shield liquid coating improves visibility in rain and shine by 50%. During rainy conditions the water rolls off the glass and creates clearer vision.

When it comes to keeping your windows clean, once you have had Kleen-Shield fitted to the interior and exterior of your car windows, nothing will stick to it as it has a silky surface not allowing for any dirt or grime to remain permanently adhered to it. Cleaning your windows becomes a piece of cake.

Simply wipe them off with a mutton cloth and they will remain clean in the interior indefinitely. The exterior where the Kleen-Shield is also applied, will have long lasting effects. However, the front windscreen will take heavy weathering and washing and should be reapplied when necessary, depending on the conditions the vehicle windscreen is subjected to.

Armies around the world utilize this technology which they apply to their vehicles to improve visibility during various conditions. Airbus and various other airlines utilize this kind of technology to improve visibility conditions when in mid air or going through poor visibility conditions once airborne.

Stone-Shield a paint protection polyurethane film will play an important role in car buyers decisions due to its invaluable protection offered to car owners for the bodywork on their car. Bumpers, headlights, fenders and bonnets encounter a lot of wear and tear with road conditions, especially during construction times. Stones, debris, chip, scratch and deface bumpers, headlights, etc. Klingshield offers what it calls a “nose job”, which means having the whole front of your car protected with a clear puncture proof 200micron paint protection film which comes with a 7 year warranty.

Other custom areas can also be applied with the Stone-Shield film around the door handles, back fenders, mirrors, etc.
These various applications on different parts of the body of a car, give car salesmen the opportunity to offer their clients a unique package. This polyurethane film technology comes from the aviation industry and these products are used to coat blades of helicopters.

Prior to research and development of this product, helicopter blades were getting damaged from debris and other flying objects and that industry spent mega bucks developing this amazing self adhesive paint protection product which is virtually puncture proof.This protection product filtered itself down to the motor racing industry where paint protection is used in various applications. Companies like Porsche, Toyota and many others utilize paint protection on high wear and tear areas on some of their motor cars.  Stone-Shield paint protection by Klingshield is now available to the automotive industry to enable consumers to protect their second biggest investment under normal circumstances, by applying this wonderful technology to their bumpers, headlights, bonnets and fenders of their cars.

Smash and Grab It has taken 40 years of marketing, advertising and developing the smash and grab window film market in South Africa. Today it is comforting to know that 80% of all cars sold in South Africa have safety film applied to their windows.
The penny has finally dropped and the consumer has realized that smash and grab on his car windows is a protection for him, his family and possessions.

South Africans have experienced safety window film as a quality product which has proved itself in thousands of real life attacks. If one lives in South Africa, smash and grab is an absolute must and this is the reason why smash and grab on car windows is the number one after market product in the automotive industry throughout South Africa.

Front Windscreens Your front windscreen is the most important piece of glass in your life. That very windscreen allows heat to pour through it and makes you feel uncomfortable, hot and bothered. Why not make a wise decision and have Nano Ceramic window film applied to your windscreen and stop 91% of infra red (heat). Other advantages include 30% glare reduction and a 100% ultra violet radiation reduction.

Wise consumers are seeing the advantages of windscreen film for health and lifestyle reasons. As time passes every day Klingshield installs more and more windscreen film on consumers windows for dealerships.
After 38 years of research development, marketing and branding Klingshield now has a full house package for the dealer which includes Kleen-Shield, Stone-Shield, Smash & Grab and Nano front windscreen protection.

We as a company will continue and strive to be the first out with the most innovative products associated to the automotive industry to improve efficiency and comfort in the world of motoring.Once again we thank our dealerships for the precious orders they give us on a daily basis and we can assure them that we will endeavor to offer the best service and best product at all times. Our brand makes us proud and is worth more to us than anything else.

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