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Klingshield for Residential and Hotel Market

Residential and Hotel Market Window Film



The residential market is a very important and large market. Although the installations are smaller than commercial buildings, the numbers are greater. Most homeowners are aware of the name Klingshield due to the huge amount of money invested in the branding of our product.

We have shown them over the years where and how to get window film installed in their homes. The housewife is much more aware of the savings on her carpets and furnishings. However, husband and wife usually make home improvement decisions together and it is imperative that when demonstrating and estimating the use of window film, to have both parties available. When making an appointment the prospect usually understands that they require to have heat, fade and glare resistant film installed in some areas of their home.

Klingshield sun control film is the easiest product in the world to demonstrate to a customer. There is such a large need especially now with the energy crisis. If one looks around there are solar controlled problems everywhere. Klingshield sun control film is the answer to “going green”, reducing heat and reducing glare on TV screens. Many consumers use Klingshield’s solar control window films to allow for daytime TV viewing without closing the drapes.

Ultra violet rays cause damage to carpets, curtains, furnishings, as well as wood furnishings. Klingshield has installed thousands upon thousands of installations to homes preventing costly furnishing from fading.

Heat control summer and winter is also a huge factor when it comes to reducing air conditioning costs. Summer savings can be up to 50% and winter savings up to 20% due to the reduction of radiant heat loss through windows. Privacy without giving up the view through your windows is another reason why homeowners over the past 40 years have utilised Klingshield’s window films.

Many shades and densities of films are available to allow the consumer to have flexibility when choosing the correct film to solve the window related problems.



Hotel owners and managers realise the advantages of installing sun control films to almost double the life of fabrics and furnishings. This includes bedspreads, carpets, drapes, furnishings, etc. Because the sun’s fading ultra violet light can be reduced 99.5% this greatly enhances the life of the fabrics and furnishings that go into a hotel room. Sun control film will eliminate the need for lined curtains in hotel rooms as lined drapes are very expensive.

We find that many hotel managers and guests leave airconditioning units on 24 hours a day. In areas where the heat load is not quite so critical, they can turn airconditioning units on only one hour prior to arrival of guests.

Utilising airconditioning to the maximum sky rockets maintenance costs for the hotel and this can be eliminated by installing Klingshield solar control films to stop 91”% of the sun’s infra red heat which will then substantially reduce airconditioning costs, saving the hotel money plus energy.

A lot of hotel rooms are small and one of the first things travellers want to do is to open the drapes and get a feeling of light and visibility. For some hotel guests this is a problem as there are people walking past the room who would be invading the traveller’s privacy.

To make the guest happy, one needs to install a reflective solar control film as we have done for the Southern Sun Sandton Hotel, Elangeni in Durban and

The Elizabeth Hotel in Port Elizabeth. It is important to warn guests that the film has daytime privacy only and not night time privacy.

For more information on sun control window film and its benefits, please contact us.


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