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Klingshield Security Department

Stop Computer and Cellphone Hacking

Numerous publicity from the UK media's hacking scandal as publicised across the world has highlighted the need for companies to take another look at their security. As snooping has become a risk to the intellectual property of companies, as well as plans, security specialists are advising their clients to install an anti-surveillance window film onto all glazing areas in corporate premises to prevent leakage.

Klingshield’s special sputtered coated window glazing film is designed to stop any radio and infra-red or microwave signals.

Errol Geyer, Klingshield Sales Manager said “Many companies are interested in anti-surveillance products to stop the theft of information and are desperate to stop electronic eavesdropping".

Corporate theft is on the increase making espionage a real threat with the increase in world cyber activities. Cloud technology allows for all information to be exposed with the use of a password as companies are keeping all their information on satellite storage systems for long term security in case they lose the information on their servers.

The real problem has been highlighted with the ever increasing use of computers and sophisticated cellphones.

sun stopper

This problem needs to be addressed by security departments in all companies.
In the old days we had to worry about competitors following our companies vehicles or opening our post boxes at our local post office seeing who is doing business with us.

For other information on human safety and security for glazing please consult our web site on our articles page.


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