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Klingshield Keeping Cars Cool

Window Films – Keeping Cars Cool

The benefits of window tinting, glass coating and smash & grab are many, not the least of which are keeping your car cooler. If you have a car airconditioner for example, you find that it now has considerable less work to do.

More is kept out than heat. Up to 99% of the ultra violet rays are turned back by Klingshield’s solar control window film and this reduces fading considerably.

Glare is dangerous and it is uncomfortable and distracting to drivers. Klingshield solar control window film cuts glare by well over 65%. You will have already noticed how the appearance of your car has improved by installing film, but you may not realise how much safer the windows are, as all films increase the shatter resistance of glass.

Keep Cool

Because rear windows are normally curved and our films are flat, Klingshield’s specially formulated back window films apply to the window in a one piece technology and is performed by highly skilled window film installers. The application of rear window film will in no way impair the operation of your demister bars or interfere with your cellphone signals or GPS navigation system.

Our specialised applicators install the product to the edge of the window in a custom fit style. This gives the finished installation a professional look.

Maintenance – immediately after application the film will have a slightly bubbly appearance. Most of this will disappear within hours with our new user friendly smash & grab window film.

After three weeks your window film will be set completely, safe and ready to clean. Do not use any sharp objects or strong chemicals. Warm soapy water and a soft cloth will do the job nicely. For the protection of your film do not apply any stickers to the inside of the windows.

tint a car

In choosing Klingshield you have shown concern for your car and your comfort.

Should you require any other information on solar control window films please view other pages on our website or contact us direct.


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