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Invisible Car Window Protection

Klingshield – Your “Invisible Car Window Protection”

Applying safety film to the side and back windows of a car is like buying insurance. You never know when you are going to need it. Global news shows that automotive attacks on side windows of cars are a happening event and car owners throughout the world are realising the importance of shatterproofing their car windows against intruders or flying weapons.

Global statistics show that 30% of all collisions on roads are caused by side impact. Side windows of vehicles offer the least protection to passengers. The difference between an untreated and a treated glass with Klingshield safety film is dramatic. Numerous tests have been undertaken by Government and independent testing laboratories throughout the world, showing the high performance of Klingshield applied to car windows during impact.

Car owners need to protect themselves and their families as traffic accidents happen every day, even to the most responsible drivers. In a split second your life can change from a side impact collision. Unprotected windows shatter projecting hazardous flying shards of glass into your car which can lacerate you and also cause permanent eye injuries.

Klingshield’s safety film provides a strong protective barrier between you and the glass. When the entire car’s windows have been protected with Klingshield Safety Film, it is like a protective shrink wrap protecting you at all times. Car owners can feel confident every time they climb into their car, as they know they have the protection.

In a few seconds thugs can shatter your car windows and rob you of your valuables. This is a very dangerous scenario if you are in the vehicle when these dangerous attacks occur. Klingshield safety film is the best protection available against smash and grab robbers. By holding the glass together Klingshield reduces the access to the interior of the car and also buys time during such break-ins. If your car is being attacked you will have more time to escape and the additional noise created by film on glass in impact will create much attention.

Don’t be a victim! Protect you, your family and your loved ones with Klingshield Safety Film.

Klingshield Safety films also offer sun control protection, cutting out 99% of the ultra violet light from penetrating through the glass. This protection will reduce the interior fading, ageing and cracking of your plastic and upholstery.

Klingshield Safety film for cars also reduces night time and day time glare by up to 60%. Solar safety window film reduces the heat from coming into the car, creating a cooler and more comfortable environment for you and your passengers. If a car is left in the sun, it rises to unbearable temperatures. The majority of this heat build up is generated through unprotected windows. By the application of Klingshield solar safety car window films, the product will keep the cabin of the vehicle at a comfortable level and reduce the use of airconditioning, thereby saving on expensive fuel.

The products come with a scratch resistant coating for easy cleaning and maintenance and carries a factory backed warranty.

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