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Land Rover and Klingshield

Land Rover Freelander Does Klingshield

Land Rover vehicles are very popular in South Africa as they have high performance and smart technology and certain safety design. Land Rover, the car that the Royal family utilises for their transport, has everything going for it, except one thing. The windows are not shatterproof and most cars sold through the Land Rover dealership in Johannesburg are fitted with Klingshield smash and grab window films.

Klingshield has had this account for the past 6 years and feel proud and honoured to be able to apply their product to such an incredible piece of machinery.

One wonders why manufacturers would go to all lengths to ensure safety in their design and technology and neglect to maximise the safety of their windows. Windows account for 35% of the car and are the most important feature in any car. Visibility is imperative and Klingshield’s 100 micron “smash and grab” safety film offers an excellent barrier against “smash and grab” attackers.

Klingshield’s adhesive system offers advanced performance, giving it a distinct advantage over other window film brands. Once applied to a vehicle, a driver will have peace of mind. It is vital to protect one’s self and their loved ones by reducing the threat of flying glass. The film also offers dual performance by reducing the amount of heat coming into the car and creating a stable temperature, whereby reducing the use of airconditioning. The ultra violet light is reduced by 99%, saving interior upholstery from sun damage.

Smash and grab window film usually has a standard 35% tint laminated to the safety film to reduce glare by 65%. The product has been tested in compliance with ANSI (American National Standards Institute) for break safe characteristics.

Smash and grab window films are available from Klingshield in 100 micron, 200 micron and 300 micron thicknesses. Obviously the thicker the film, the greater the break strength. Security conscious consumers favour the thicker films, where budget is not an issue.

For further information on various thicknesses and performances of safety film please contact us.

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