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An Alternative To One-Way Vision Internally
venetian mirror strip privacy glass
Companies who have not had success with One-way Privacy Film can now use a good alternative, Venetian Mirror Strips.
Klingshield, experts in window film, safety window film, window tinting and one-way mirror film can provide you with additional information on this new high tech One-Way Venetian Mirror Glass. Give us a ring on 011 640-5053.

Klingshield's New Advert
Stop fading Of Furnishings

Klingshield museum film

Klingshield's Anti-fade Museum Film stops carpets, curtains and furniture from fading. It also reduces heat and glare.

Up to 99% UV light is also filtered. Klingshield provides quality safety film whith many added benefits.

Skylight Window Film Installation Reduces Barcelona Shopping Centre’s Cooling Costs - 22 April 2015.

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Window Film Manufacturers And Distributers Display All Their Latest Products At the Sema Show, Las Vegas Convention Centre, Nevada, From The 3rd Of November Till The 6th Of November 2015.

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Johannesburg Robbery Dashboard Camera Video.

news-about -Johannesburg-hijacks

Video footage of a dash-cam robbery in Fordsburg, Johannesburg has gone viral on social media.


Eskom, The Power Utility With Insufficient Power To Supply South Africa, Is Setting An Example, By Installing Solar Panels At It's Utility Offices In Beacon Bay.

Solar energy report

Klingshield has done many feasibilty studies into launching Solar products under it's band.

Klingshield will distribute solar energy products when it is convinced it has the most reliable and cost effective product available. 

Luxury Mercedes Benz F 015 In Motion.


The new F 015 Mercedes offers maximum space in a lounge like interior. This self driving luxury sedan was shown off at the International Consumer Electronic show in Las Vegas recently as a forerunner of a mobility revolution.

Klingshield's high performance Smash & Grab window film would improve the comfort by reducing the temperature inside this vehicle.

Klingshield Smash & Grab Window Film and Seat Belts Saves Lives, It's A fact.


As reported by The Star - motoring, 11th June 2015.

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Tough Times See Theft, Hijackings And Smash & Grab Soar.

hijacks on the increase June 2015

As reported by The Star - Business Day, 11th June 2015.

Klingshield's Double Thick Smash & Grab is the ideal protection in these times.

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These Giant Glass Doors Weigh 2000kg Each But Can Be Pushed Open With Just One Finger.


These doors were designed by Peerings, aimed at benefiting all three levels of the extension with natural light and a garden view.

If it becomes too bright to work on computer screens the application of an anti-glare window film will be an ideal solution.

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Glass Spotted On Mars Could Contain Signs Of Long-Ago Life.


As reported by The Sydney Morning Herald, 9th June 2015.

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Klingshield Were The First Company To Conduct Tests On The Dangers Of Flying Glass Under An Explosion, Petrol Bombs Or Smash & Grab Attacks.

Details of early tests on klingshield film

View the Klingshield Window Laminate brochure for more information.

New Clear Look Non-Reflecting Glass In Huge Demand.


Low iron "museum glass" reduces the amount of reflection normally associated with glass in showroom windows or in front of tv screens where natural light reflects or falls on it.

This glass is normally used in the front of original artwork as it has no reflection and one can see the visual art perfectly, without any reflections.

For more information contact Leon Levy on 011 640-5053/7

Klingshield South Africa Were The First Company In The World To Manufacture Car Furniture Out Of Original 1950 Scrap Cars.


Klingshield utilised this furniture in their window tinting and Smash & Grab fitment centers.

According To A Report By The AA The Glare Of The Setting Sun During Rush Hour Is To Blame For Nearly Three Thousand Accidents Per Year.


Driver are at risk of being termporary "blinded" by the dazzle of the sun on the windscreen.
A solution to this problem is provided with the application of Klingshield windscreen protection film.

Klingshield Publishes It's Own Free Give-Away Magazine For The Motor Trade.
 Klingshield window film magazine news
These magazines contain very unusual and interesting articles relating to the motor trade.

View Coffee Brake Magazine 2

Nelson Mandela Utilised Klingshield's Solar Safety Window Products To Pry-Proof His Windows, Stabilise The Temperature inside The Home And To Also Shatterproof All Glass Areas To Improve The Security All-Round.
Klingshield on Nelson Mandela's house
This home is situated in Houghton, Johannesburg South Africa.

Klingshield Distributes A Wide Range Of Vinyl Films Used In The Signage Market.

Klingshield Window Film For Presidents, Pop Stars, Celebrities And You
 Klingshield window film protection
A number of VIP's including Mrs Thabo Mbeki, Premier Mbazima Shilowa, Nicky Oppenheimer, TV stars, pop-stars and sports stars, have protected their cars with Klingshield Solar Safety Film.
Michael Jackson's limousine protected with Klingshield's high performance security window film.

Triple Laminate Window Film, Classified As "Bullet Resistant", Saves Lady's Life.
Klingshield window film saves lives
As reported by the Sandton Chronicle.

GM Corsa's Rear Windscreens Shattering For No Reason
GM Motors design problem
Back windows are armour-plated and can shatter at any moment.
This is a problem on the Corsa Lite.