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Latest window film news page 4

Latest window film news page 4

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A Unique Marketing Piece, Designed On The Look Of A Local Parking Ticket.

Klingshield clever marketingThese tickets were placed on windscreens at sporting events and parking lots. The consumer thought they had a parking ticket and ran up to grab this marketing piece, giving it their undivided attention and effectively creating awareness of Klingshield's  window tinting.

At The Minnesota Zoo In The USA. A Grizzly Bear Slammed A Rock Into A Pane Of Glass As Visitors Stood On The Other Side Of The Barrier. As Reported By The Daily Mail UK ..... July 2015.

Klingshield window film prevents shattering of GlassThese shatterproof barriers make use of window films and are installed in most areas where wild animals are in show.

Joburg Goes Green

klingshield effective sun control filmKlingshield has been promoting energy saving for the past 40 years by installing reflective films on windows, reducing the amount of heat coming into spaces and thereby reducing the use of air-conditioning which saves money on electricity.

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Dr. Howard S. Goldberg, A Cosmetic Dermatologist, Recommends Using Window Film To Protect Oneself From The Harmful Sun's UV Rays Which Accelerate Skin Aging And Damage Eyes.

Klingshield window film technology newsAll Klingshield's film stop 99 % of Ultra-Violet light, the main cause of skin cancer.
Klingshield film also greatly reduces eye strain.

Colourful Noise-Pollution Barriers That Also Generate Solar Energy Being Tested In The Netherlands.

Highway solar panels

By combining Solar Energy generation with much-needed noise reduction barriers along a busy Dutch highway, the team hopes to prove that they’ve developed an environmentally-friendly solution to two of modern life’s biggest challenges.

Klingshield Is The First Window Film Company To Launch Look-A-Like Stained Glass Window Film In A Full Range Of Designs, Colours And Textures.

Klingshield stained glass window filmsSee More

Klingshield Smash And Grab Window Film Reduces Temperature In Motor Cars By 15°C.

Klingshield window film newsAs tested by the renowned "You Magazine".

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Independent Testing Done By Dundee Municipality. Two Identical Rooms Where Used, One With Film On And One Without. The One Without Klingshield Sun Control Window Film Was 61% Hotter.

Klingshield window film testsThe proof of the performance of the product is in the test report.

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Klingshiield Uses Innovative Marketing Props To Create Attention And Draw Traffic Into Their Smash And Grab Tinting Centres.

Props used to market Klingshield

Old motor cars from the 40's and 50's used as props outside window tinting premises.

Klingshield's Head Office - London 1970.

news about Klinshield pastSee More

Klingshield Has The Widest Range Of Self Adhesive Films On The World Market Today.
range of window film from Klingshield

Klingshield's range includes reflective and non-reflective films, hybrid films, ceramic films, safety films, safety solar films, translucent films, opaque films, wrap films in gloss and matte, designer films and stained glass films, to name a few.

Klingshield Is The First Company To Come Up With A Self Adhesive Film To Rejuvenate Old Appliances, With The Application Of Designer Opaque Films, In Many Styles And Colours.

appliance protection film

Retro appliances are very popular with collectors and Klingshield has the right products to rejuvenate these appliances.

Klingshield Were The First Company To Develop Day And Night Self-Illuminating LED Signs.......Be Seen And Not Missed.Self illuminating house number signs

This product was developed and distributed by Klingshield.

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World Renowned Corporate Brands Own Their Own Museums. The Likes Of Coca-Cola, General Motors, Volkswagen And Klingshield To Name A Few.

Klingshield museum postcardA corporate museum provides a perfect opportunity to highlight a company's individuality and creativity.

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Klingshield's Owner, Leon Levy Appears On Two "Top Billing" Shows Due To His Creativity And Innovation.

Klingshield on top billing

The Screama, Another Innovative Product Brought To The South African Market By Klingshield.

 klingshield security product

Hand held and mobile burglar alarm.

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Klingshield's Digital Media Department Produces The Movie "Mightier Than A Gun" klingshield movie production

Klingshield's marketing department has many talents, expertise and experience.

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Liquid Roof Coating Waterproofing System

rain shield protection informationKlingshield developed the first effective acrylic waterproofing system on the South African market.

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