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See-Through Burglar Proofing Now Available On A Do-It-Yourself Basis.
klingshield DIY see-through burglar bars

R150.00 per metre (Ex Vat), cut to size.
Includes all accessories needed.

Klingshield Offers A Full Range Of Vinyl Films For The Signage Industry.

Sign vinyl by KlingshieldFilms can be supplied off the roll or cut to size to the customer's requirements. This saves clients from buying full rolls and maximizes their profit for each job.

Smash & Grab Victim Corner Empire And Wabord Roads In Parktown............As Reported By The North Eastern Tribune, 17th July attack in JohannesburgSmash & Grab is an everyday occurrence in Johannesburg.
Smart People have Klingshield Smash and Grab installed on their vehicle windows to protect themselves and their family.

Klingshield's Car Treatment Centre Offers A Wrapping Service To The Body Of Vehicles. Two-Tone Cars Are Becoming More And More Popular.

two tone car wrap information

Klingshield's professional fitment teams can install various colour vinyls and designs onto vehicles to give the owner's individual look and preference.

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Klingshield Has Supplied It's Window Film Products To Hundreds And Thousands Of It's Client's Windows
Klingshield satisfied customers
To give you a more in-depth list of some of their successful installations, Please Click here to see more.

Contravision Signage On Windows Is A Premium Product Designed And Manufactured By Klingshield For Advertising On Retail Stores. 

dot matrix film newsContravision is see-through from the inside, however from the exterior there is a full visual graphic.

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New Nano-Ceramic, High Performance 70% Windscreen Film.

Klingshield interior film protectionInterior windscreen protection film, exclusively installed by Klingshield, which reduces the sunlight from coming through the front windscreen, thereby reducing the interior temperature of the vehicle.

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Sunshield, A New Space-Age Radiant Heat Barrier Coating For Roofs And Walls, Developed By The Klingshield Research Department.

roof-coating-technologyExternal, high-tech liquid coating, will re-radiate 95% of the solar energy, reducing the the inside temperature of any building by up to 15°C.

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A Window Film Catalogue Designed To Demonstrate The Different Aspects Of The Window Film And Tinting Business.

Building before and after window filmThis 18 page booklet is available on request to all Klingshield approved window fitment centres.

Retail Stores Throughout South Africa have Utilized Klingshield's Anti-Fade Resistant Museum Film On Their Store Fronts. This Also Includes The Number One Retailer- Woolworths.

Klingshield Issues Official Qualification Certificates To All Trained Automotive Window Tinters Who Qualify Through The Klingshield Academy.

More And More People Are Investing In
Fabric-Shield To Protect The Fabric In Their Cars

protection for car seatsThis "Teflon Fabric Protector Coating" is now available at a special price of R1200.00 per vehicle.

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A Motorist Lost Her Bag In A Smash And Grab Attack On The Corner Of Empire And Wabord Roads In Parktown, Johannesburg, At The Weekend. As Reported By The Citizen, 8th July 2015.
more smash and grab attacksConstable Thabo Malatji of Yeoville police said drivers should keep belongings hidden, keep their windows closed at all times and have window film fitted to protect them from flying objects such as spark plugs and bricks.

Klingshield Was The First Company To Have It's Product Tested By The CSIR To Demonstrate How It's Safety Film Held Glass Together In A Bomb to anti bomb blast glazing

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Klingshield Was The First Company In The World To Develop Dot Matrix, Self-Clinging Reusable Window Film.

Klingshield-Dot Matrix Window Film

Dot Matrix is the equivalent of the Contra-vision product, available in white or black for Do It Yourself (DIY).

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A Smart Marketing Idea Developed By The Klingshield Marketing Department.

marketing ideas from Klingshield

These license discs have been designed and developed as a give-away to all Klingshield Smash and Grab customers.

This holder is the equivalent of a warranty card and is also useful when placed on a windscreen as it creates brand awareness.

Paint Protection For The Body Of Motor Vehicles Is Becomming More And More Popular.

stone shield paint protection

A recent customer had his whole car applied with paint protection film, to protect the bodywork, at a cost of R25000.00.......July 2015.
He was over the moon with the fantastic finish we managed to achieve.

Retail Stores Are Utilizing Klingshield Anti-Graffiti Window Film To Save Their Glass Fronts From Defacement.

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