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Dark Tinting On Vehicle Windows Lands Up In Court.

Illegal window tint lands in court

A 15 year old was killed in an accident allegedly due to incorrect window tinting on the driver's vehicle. (As reported by Window Film

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Justin Bieber In Trouble With The Law Again


Justin Bieber was pulled over and issued an equipment violation for incorrect window tinting on his car.

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Klingshield Protects Your Windows

Klingshield anti-vandalism-window-film

Klingshield also offers Graffiti film to stop defacing of shop windows

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Klingshield Offers A Certificate To All Customers Who Require Certification That The Film Applied To Their Windows Complies With The Window Tinting Laws.

Legal film certification

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When People Have Exposure To The Sun For Prolonged Periods Of Time, Signs Of Premature Ageing May Occur And The Serious Risk Of Skin Cancer Increases. 

sun can cause skin cancer

Harsh UVB rays from the sun can cause great skin damage.
Klingshield window film dramatically reduces the transmission of UVB rays through your windows in the heat and in the cold. 

In An Experiment, A Resident Of Johannesburg South Africa Found That His Car, Parked In The Sun For 20 Minutes, Can Easily Reach 77℃.

Dangers of cars parked in the sun
Forensic pathologists will tell you that a child or pet can easily die from heatstroke if left in a parked car for an prolonged period.
Klingshield Sun Control Window Film reduces the interior temperature of parked cars.

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Smashing Myths.........

Any Car Manufacturer Will Tell You That They Build Safe Cars, But Ask For Proof Of Their Safety Claim And You Are More Likely To Receive Platitudes Than Hard Evidence.

Klingshield film for car manufacturers

Most car windows are not safe against smash and grabbers and rioters, but Klingshield Double-Thick safety film is the ideal protection.

Exterior Glass Signs, Manufactured By The Klingshield  Sign Division, For The South African Institute Of Electrical Engineers (SAiEE), On The Outside Of Their Premises In Observatory, Johannesburg.

Glass signs information

Many Aircraft Manufacturers Specify Polycarbonate Windows Due To Their Anti-Break Strength And Shatter Resistant Properties.

Polycarbonate information

Klingshield's see-through burglar bars are manufactured from the same substrate in a 8mm thickness as these airplane windows. For more information call Leon on 011 640-5053/4/5/6/7

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A Unique Glass Stand Manufactured By Klingshield's Engineering Glass Division, To House A Valuable Collection Of Illi Coffee Cups.

Coffee cups glass stand

Klingshield Offers Sandblast Glass And Window Film For Existing Windows. This Provides Day And Night Privacy In Bathrooms And Hallways, Allowing Ample Light In And Creating A Comfortable Environment.

Sandblast window film information

Klingshield's Glazing Department, Under The Brand "Window Doctor", Repairs Broken Windows In Offices, Homes, Factories And Vehicles.

Window repairs by Klingshield

Polycarbonate Door And Window Awnings Now Available On A Do-It-Yourself Direct From Klingshield.

Polycarbonate awnings
These awnings are available in 1.2m and 1.5m widths with an extension of 90cm. The pricing is R1200.00 for 1.2m and R1500.00 for 1.5m. Available in clear, grey tint or bronze tint. Call Leon on 011 640-5053/4/5/67 for more information.

Exterior Window Film Applied To Windscreens Saves Drivers Of Vehicles Money On Replacement Windscreens Due To Protection The  Exterior Window Film Offers From Cracks And Stone Damage.

Klingshield windscreen protection film

Exterior windscreen protection is applied by professional Installers at Klingshield's Head Office at a cost of R1050.00 excluding vat.

Klingshield's Frosted Vine Embossed Decorative Window Film.
Klingshield decorative window film

Smash & Grabbers Are Getting Clever

Smash & grabbers are abandoning
spark plugs as thier weapon of choice.

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