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Latest window film news page 7

Latest window film news page 7

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Summer's Here And What Better Way To Keep Cool Then With Klingshield Safety Window Tints.

Klingshield professional service and qualityAnother summer window film experts ad showcasing the advantages of installing Klingshield window film. Our window film is designed to be shatterproof, reduce 99% of UV rays & reduce heat and glare to keep you happy and safe.


Our Advert From The Marketing Department

stop heat with klingshield window filmKlingshield safety window film stops up to 99% of the UV rays and reduces heat and glare substantially when tinted. Our standard window film is 150 micron thick, which is 50% thicker than most of our competitors. Our safety film slows smash and grabbers in their tracks.

Klingshield's Latest Window Film & Glass Ad

window film, window tint and glass adKlingshield's extensive product range includes safety glass, wraps, awnings & blinds, low E film, Smash and Grab safety film, window tints and sun control products, to name a few.

Sandblast Translucent Window Film Now Available In An Array Of Colours.

Sandblast window  film in an array of colours

Klingshield, the window film and tinting experts, are the first company in South Africa to introduce Sandblast window film with effects in bronze, blue, green and grey colours. These films allow light in, whilst giving you privacy from inside and out.

 Largest Glass Bridge In The World Experiencing Problems With Glass Cracking.

largest glass bridge in china

If Klingshield, the window film and glass specialist, was operating in China, we would feel proud to be involved in such an amazing project.

Our Latest Remarketing Ads

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Vinyl Window Film, Used In The Aviation Industry For The Application Of Digitally Printed Graphics Onto The Outside Of Airplanes.

interesting vinyl film graphic

These vinyl films are available from Klinsghield, the window film specialists.
Artwork on vinyl  films can be created by Klingshield's Digital Art Department and Klingshield's Digital Printing Division.

Solar Energy Panels Needed In Remote Areas (As Reported By The Business Report 06 Oct 2015).

generating electricity in remote areasAt the South African International Renewable Energy Conference, discussions were held regarding reliable and efficient energy services. It's not easy for some people across the world, especially in hard to reach areas.

This picture gives a great idea to utilize solar energy panels in remote areas.

Klingshield, The Window Doctor specialists, will be entering this renewable energy market in the near future.

New Solar Windows Will Be Capable Of Powering Complete Buildings. (As Featured In The Latest COMPUTERWORLD Magazine)

solar power from windowsResearchers from SolarWindow Technologies look through an electricity generating solar window module onto the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

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Elon Musk, CEO Of Telsa Cars And SpaceX, Dreams Of Creating More Sunlight On Mars.

Elon Musk and energy conservationElon plans to launch two huge fusion bombs in the sky above Mars so that the planet can be warm enough to allow humans to live there.

"The greater the sunlight, the more useful window film and tinting will become".

Klingshield  Addressed A Technical Problem With Certain E-Class Mercedes

Window film problem on e430The rubber in the doors of the Mercedes E430 Sport cause applied window film to become scratched. Klingshield solves this problem by attaching a special, self adjusting, soft felt over these rubbers.

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The Fibre-Glass Substrate Of Panel-Van Canopies Makes The Application Of Window film Very Difficult.

Canopy window filmKlingshield is the only company that removes the canopy from the vehicle and raises it to a workable level, thereby offering a professional finish.

Klingshield applies very dark privacy film to canopies for security purposes. This film keeps items, stored at the back of the van, out of sight from prying eyes.

Competitor's Warranty Not Up To Scratch When Compared To Klingshield's Lifetime Guarantee.

competitor information
Competiors offer a 3 year warranty on material only.
Klingshield offers a lifetime warrany on material and labour.

Your Pigsty Of A Car Is A Bacterial Nightmare

Klingshield antibacterial fabric-shieldKlingshield Fabric-Shield, applied to all upholstery in vehicles, will eliminate this problem.

Satisfied Customers Confirming That "Service And Quality" Is Klingshield's Policy.

Klingshield-happy-customersRead The e-mail Of One Of Our Happy Customers 

Breaking News !

Annual Vehicle Window Tinting Inspection Required By Law Makers In New York.

new vehicle window tinting laws in USANew bill being prepared by New York State Legislature, requires window films on all vehicles to be tested annually.

The South African authorities should take note of this and follow these rules, don't you agree? 

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