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Let the Window Film Buyer be Aware

Let the Window Film Buyer be Aware

Approximately one and a half years ago Klingshield launched it’s Nano Ceramic technology for front windscreens. This premium product is known as the “best film ever made”. The reason for this is because it has an excellent performance in infra red (heat) rejection, as well as a high total solar energy rejection in comparison to other films of the same density.

Recently our consultants in our commercial window film division for buildings and homes have started using this Nano Ceramic technology in their installations due to its high performance. In simple terms, this film only allows in 14% of the heat and cuts out 70% of the glare and 99.5% of the ultra violet light. Therefore the consumer has a high performing heat rejection film with a virtually invisible look from the inside.

Since the launch of our Nano Ceramic window films as mentioned above, there are other competitive companies now also calling their films “Ceramic” films. They use ceramic in their products, however they do not use “Nano” technology in their manufacturing process. The performance of these “knock-off” ceramic films is very poor with an infra red (heat) rejection of only 13%, which in other words, is allowing in 87% of the heat, which is pretty pathetic when compared to Klingshield’s Nano Ceramic film which only allows in 14% of the heat!

Any consumer who is in doubt as to what Ceramic product they have been offered, they are welcome to contact Leon Levy in our Research and Development Department, who will be able to demonstrate with the right technical equipment, the difference between the products.

As the saying goes “Let the Buyer Beware”. Don’t let other window film companies pull the wool over your eyes and check the facts before you part with your bucks.

Other high performing films are also available with good quality infra red (heat) rejection. However, the film is darker than the Ceramic films. This is not a problem for consumers looking for good heat rejection with high glare rejection.

Listed below is a table of various films for your information.

  • Abs. = Total solar energy absorption
  • Nano Ceramic 80 Heat rejection 86% Glare 20% Abs. 31%
  • High Performance 35 Heat rejection 49% Glare 38% Abs. 48%
  • Non Reflective 35 Heat rejection 38% Glare 38% Abs. 38%
  • Ultra Vision 50 Heat rejection 53% Glare 50% Abs. 43%
  • Ultra Vision 70 Heat rejection 39% Glare 30% Abs. 39%
  • All the above films have a 99.5% UV rejection.

Should you require any other technical information on our complete range of films please request a copy of the results of independent testing of sun control films. Our full range of technical specifications for 75 products will also be available on request.

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