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Lighter Side of Window Film

By Zal Manashewitz

On the Lighter Side

During the years of working for Klingshield and helping find solutions to customers’ window problems, there have been some very humorous experiences (though not at the time they took place).

We had a machine which heated up to simulate the sun’s heat. I proceeded to demonstrate how much heat could be rejected if they used our film. This was at an Antique Dealer’s premises. In my naivety I set the machine up on a chair covered in suede fabric.

After the demonstration and packing up of the equipment, lo and behold, I saw a heated impression of a square on the chair!! If you ever felt like you wanted to disappear, this was one of those times.

A similar situation occurred when I was helping a client find the correct film to reduce fading of fabrics on furnishings and carpets. We sat down on his antique suede sofa to look at the various options.

I noticed some ink on the fabric and alerted the customer to this fact. I then discovered that it was my black ballpoint pen in my back pocket that was leaking. I think I must have broken out into a cold sweat and was anxious to vacate his premises. However, our company replaced the fabric, although we could not get a 100% match. This was one quotation I decided not to follow up. To my surprise and utter amazement this customer phoned a few weeks later asking when we could install the film!

My role as a window film consultant is not to make a quick sale but how I can best solve my customers’ needs, also offering them the best possible service. In my early days, even after doing three large sample windows for them, I never followed up the quotation. One day driving past their premises I was shocked to see the entire building tinted by a competitor. Well I guess you live and learn from your experiences.

On quite a few occasions I have had an appointment with a client to provide them with a quotation. Upon arriving to meet them I saw another company in the process of applying film to their windows. I suppose this goes with the territory as the Americans say.

Once I had to measure a window above a wooden curtain rail. Placing the ladder against the wall underneath I proceeded to ascend the ladder. Unfortunately the angle of the ladder was too wide. I came tumbling down with the ladder! I was in a state of shock to say the least. My wrist watch became history as it hit the floor!

In Klingshield’s first year of business a trained applicator from the United Kingdom came to help train our film applicators. One Saturday morning he accompanied me on a home quotation. The client told us to go and measure various bedrooms as he was entertaining guests. We got to one of the bedrooms and the door was closed. To this day I do not recall if we knocked on the door. As we opened the door, to our amazement we saw a naked lady (from the top up only). I think she had just been swimming. We humbly apologized, but she smiled and took it in good spirits. Nevertheless, it was pretty embarrassing.

One of my most humiliating experiences involved large windows at a home, approximately three meters high, with a genuine rope carpet below. Although we used calico on the carpet, excess water soaked into the carpet as we applied a spray to squeegee the film to the glass. This created a huge stain on the carpet, about 30cm in width.

When I went to collect payment as arranged, the owner was not impressed. I told him I would come with my boss to sort out this problem. We went on a Saturday afternoon and first stopped at a café to buy three loaves of white bread. At his home we crumbled up the bread and rubbed it onto the stained area of the carpet. This is an old Boer remedy which was 95% successful.

My lesson from this experience is “don’t let the same dog bite you twice”. If we encounter a rope carpet we use plastic, masking tape and calico.

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