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Major Moves by USA Window Film Manufactures

USA Window Film Company sells to European Glass Manufacturer


The Solar Gard brand announced today that it has done a deal with the gigantic European glass manufacture Saint Gobain to sell it's company Bekaert Speciality Films.

Saint Gobain has acquired Solar Gard's manufacturing facility in San Diego in the US. Their plant is in Belgium and a new manufacturing plant is under construction in China.

Solar Gard has a premium range of window film for the commercial, residential and automotive markets. They are one of the big ten window film manufacturers in the world.

With the ever increasing focus on renewable energy, numerous companies around the world rely on the future potential of the market. Window film, being one of the products that contribute towards saving energy has excellent opportunities for growth as all leading countries have committed to investing big bucks in the reduction of carbon emission to save the planet and reduce global warming.

In the final quarter of last year it was reported by the official window film magazine that the performance plastic film company Madico , one of the pioneers in the manufacturing of window film , acquired Solamatrix. Solamatrix, with it's Sun Gard brand has been manufacturing film since the early seventies.

CP Films, the largest manufacturer of window films have also made an acquisition of an Asian brand by the name of V Kool, known for it's innovative Nano Ceramic manufacturing technology.

Hanita, a manufacturer in Israel purchased an Australian window film distributor to get a foot into the Aussie and Asian markets.

The Window film industry is hotting up and I am sure that there is going to be lots more movement in the near future, so keep watching this space to keep up to date with what's happening !!!  breaking news.....Solutia [Llumar] buying Southwall Technologies for $113 million.

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